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Emily and Paige finished up dating on the show. ABC Family/Freeform Paige first shows up on the display toward the end of season one on the episode "If at First You Don"t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again." She was introduced as Emily"s competitive swimming teammate.

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Both girls were vying for the team captain position, so Paige made homophobic remarks towards Emily to try and knock her dvery own. This occurrence brought about a disciplinary meeting with the coach that Paige wasn"t happy about. Paige was also angry as soon as Emily got a better place than her in the swimming lineup.

Shortly after, Paige shoved Emily"s head underwater in the pool. Emily struggled for a little bit prior to Paige finally allowed her to resurchallenge.

As if this drowning attempt never happened, Paige and Emily later on become one of the longest-lasting couples on the display, and also they don"t seem to discuss this minute through each various other despite just how traumatizing it should have been for Emily.

Toby gets fired after being falsely accused of murder, yet actual murderers on the present have actually no problem finding jobs.


Keegan Allen on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

On season two, episode 2, "The Goodbye Look," Toby is fired from his building project after rumors spcheck out roughly Rosehardwood that Toby was affiliated in Alison"s disappearance.

Toby"s unearned bad reputation gets him fired, but various other characters that actually committed severe crimes have no trouble obtaining accepted into colleges and also hired for tasks throughout the rest of the display.

For example, Mona attended university and also acquired hired to work-related on a political campaign. But as soon as she was component of the "A" team, she tortured and also blackmailed the liars, hacked right into police documents multiple times, damaged out of an asylum multiple times, and also even hit Hanna with her vehicle.

If Toby"s reputation causes him to acquire fired, surely Mona having actually actually committed multiple felonies have to have resulted in some issues once applying to schools and also work.

The the majority of ironic component is that Toby ends up joining the Rosetimber police department on seachild 5.

Jachild had a darkroom complete of photos of Aria resting.


Aria was played by Lucy Hale. ABC Family/Freeform

When Toby works on Spencer and also Alison"s backyard on seaboy 2, both Spencer"s dad and Ali"s brvarious other, Jaboy, sometimes present as much as tell Toby that he"s not enabled to ask around items he finds or go right into particular components of the yard.

On season two, episode nine, "Picture This," Spencer and also Emily break right into a burned that Toby wasn"t enabled near, and the girls realize it"s actually a darkroom that"s filled through photos of Aria resting. They likewise discover monitoring tools, which leads them to believe that Jaboy is spying on all of the liars.

When Aria inevitably confronts Jakid about this,he says that he found the roll of film in Ali"s bedroom and also assumed she had taken them.

That"s the only explacountry the personalities, and also the audience, ever received.

Despite having actually no experience or training as a pilot, Aria seamlessly flew a aircraft with a mysterious perchild from Ali's previous.


Lucy Hale and Lachlan Buchanan on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

As the liars learn throughout the series, Ali had much more friends, opponents, and also dates than they ever before kbrand-new. After the girls realize Ali offered to pretend to be a brunette called Vivian Darkbimpend, among Vivian"s previous dates, Dundeserve to Albert, mistakes Aria for Vivian.

When the 2 talk during seakid 2, episode 23, "Eye of the Beholder," it is revealed that Dunhave the right to knew Ali as Vivian and also supplied to take her for rides in his aircraft the summer prior to she went missing.

During the episode, Dundeserve to takes Aria on a airplane and asks her to steer it, and also Aria actually takes the controls with no previous instruction or suffer.

After season 2, Ali"s interactions via Dunhave the right to are never stated aacquire and Aria never brings up the truth that she flew a plane.

An unusual son someexactly how knew that Ali was buried alive before that became public understanding.

There were several creepy plot points focused on dolls on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freedevelop

On seaboy 2, episode 24, "If These Dolls Could Talk," the liars go to a doll shop and also meet Seth — a kid who was at the save as soon as Alikid (as Vivian) pertained to uncover out who really sent out her the creepy doll she received from "A."

His grandmom, Martha, tells Seth to soptimal talking, and she advises the girls to ignore what he claims. After Seth tells the girls vague information about that initially bought the doll, he is sent upstairs by Martha.

As he walks amethod, he tells the girls, "Sorry about what taken place to her. Must have been awful, breapoint dirt right into your lungs."

It was revealed previously on the display that Ali"s dead body was uncovered hidden in the DiLaurentis backyard, but everyone assumed she died of blunt head trauma. At this point, just the liars, Garrett, and also "A" appeared to understand that she actually died from asphyxiation once she was buried alive.

This random child has actually no method of understanding this unmuch less he has actually some superorganic powers or surpincreasing police relations. The method Seth knew this indevelopment is never revealed, though, and also he never before appears on the display aobtain.

Torrey DeVitto on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freeform

Melissa and also Ian"s relationship was full of surprises, from their sudden wedding to Melissa"s unsupposed pregnancy quickly after.

On seakid three, episode three, "Kingdom of the Blind," we learn that Melissa skilled a miscarriage. But on the following episode, Melissa reveals that she actually miscarried months earlier, when Ian was found dead by self-destruction.

She faked her pregnancy for a number of months, and also her mother knew the whole time.

Why would certainly Melissa"s mother go in addition to this? Why would Melissa put occupational right into faking a steadily thriving baby bump eexceptionally single day?

In the realm of the TV series, what objective did this serve for Melissa or anyone else, other than to add mystery and also confusion to an currently confusing season?

No one really knows, but possibly that"s OK because it does not seem to acquire mentioned aget after season 3 anymethod.

Lindsey Shaw on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

Seaboy 3, episode 11, "Single Fappropriate Female," reveals that Paige and Ali had a poor history.

They both played field hocessential together, and also Ali nickcalled Paige "Pigskin" after she was unstable via Ali in the time of a game. As the liars learn from CeCe Drake, Ali also tricked Paige into composing Emily a love letter so that she might use it as blackmail.

Paige"s father was homophobic, so the danger of being outed as gay terrified her.

Although Ali"s cruelty is believable in the time of this plotline, it is odd that Paige had feelings for Emily for years prior to they dated and never mentioned it until the liars discovered out around her nickname.

Miranda Carabello played the eerie girl. ABC Family/Freeform

Tbelow is a ton to talk around from seakid three, episode 13, "This Is a Dark Ride," consisting of Adam Lambert"s cameo, Aria being locked in a box on a trail with Garrett"s dead body, and another dead body crashing the Halloween party.

But the most bizarre part of the episode has never before been explained: Was Hanna"s mommy talking to a ghost?

No one else sees the eerie girl, that tells Ms. Marin stories around her twin sister that make her sound like the twin murder victim Ali told a story about on the previous Halloween episode, "The First Secret."

Since the gorganize girl is played by the exact same actress that plays the twin on that episode, presumably audiences are to believe that this is indeed the same dead kid.

But why on earth have the right to Ms. Marin see her? Why does she never before talk about this afterward? And maybe the majority of considerably, if this was a ghold and superherbal beings do exist on the show, why do not we ever see ghosts of dead personalities the liars actually know?

Amanda Schull as Meredith on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

On seaboy three, episode 16, "Misery Loves Company type of," Aria starts feeling sick after finding out that her father was being blackmailed by Ali and experienced her the night she passed away.

Meredith, Mr. Montgomery"s girlfriend, is oddly type to Aria and also takes treatment of her as soon as she"s sick. But Meredith"s "care" keeps making Aria sleepier and also foggier, which she eventually realizes is the result of the drugged tea Meredith has been giving her.

Of course, Aria just begins to be suspicious of the tea after Ali appears in a vision and alerts her around Meredith.

It is later on revealed that Meredith drugged Aria so that she might uncover and also ruin the diary pperiods that prove that Aria"s father met through Ali on the night of her disappearance. And once Emily and also Hanna present up to conserve Aria, Meredith locks them in the basement — where Aria is already trapped.

Meredith disappears while Aria"s father releases the girls from the basement and also is never seen aobtain.

Gregg Sulkin and Lucy Hale on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

On a seaboy complete of hugely significant plotlines (Ali"s body being dug up, Emily and Aria acquiring drugged in separate incidences, Garrett"s fatality, and also Toby joining the "A" team, to name a little few), showrunners still made certain Ezra"s younger brother, Wesley, had a minute to shine.

During seaboy 3, episode 18, "Dead to Me,"Wesley is intimidated by a man while he"s out through Aria, and in an initiative to defend himself and also create a divariation, he hits him over the head via a pizza box.

Wesley later on reveals the male was his physics teacher"s husband who was angry because Wesley hit on his wife while he was her student.

The liars come across rather a couple of dead bodies throughout the display. ABC Family/Freecreate

By the end of seakid 3, Spencer is so heavily tortured and traumatized by "A" that she ends up in Radley Sanitarium.

One of the significant occasions that contributed to her breakdvery own was learning that Toby was on the "A" team, yet her true breaking allude doesn"t happen until seachild 3, episode 21, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind."

During this episode, Spencer receives a flower setup from "A" via a note that implies someone she loves will certainly die soon. Mona concerns reinpressure this message to Spencer, via the added implication that the fatality will certainly occur that very day.

Spencer ends up complying with Mona into the woods that night and also she"s resulted in a dead perchild via Toby"s tattoo. The person"s challenge is spanned by a motorcycle helmet that Spencer never before clears.

After hearing Mona saying that Toby is dead, Spencer runs amethod from the body before ever before checking that it"s really Toby.

Granted, finding a body with an identifying tattoo is normally sufficient of a confirmation, yet in Spencer"s human being, people have actually faked deaths prior to and "A" has actually been messing via her for years.

Spencer is frequently thought about the brains of the team, so it"s weird that she does not try to see Toby"s confront and confirm that it"s also him. Especially given that we later on find out it isn"t.

Radley Sanitarium's papers are evidently not extremely difficult to acquire access to. ABC Family/Freeform

Season four introduces a plotline around Toby"s mommy, that was a patient at Radley before her mysterious fatality by self-destruction.

Of course, this is a plotline that adds also more mystery to what actually goes on at Radley, and also one that renders it clear that "A" knows more than any type of other character on the present.

So once "A" supplies Toby information about his mother"s death in exchange for handing over the mobile "A" lair and all the incriminating information it had, he takes the market.

Toby defines this to Spencer on seaboy four, episode 2, "Turn of the Shoe," and also asks her not to tell the other liars yet. Spencer agrees bereason she have the right to tell exactly how crucial it is to Toby for him to acquire answers around his mother"s fatality, yet it"s starray that something so substantial to him has never before come up before.

He desires answers so badly that he provides up the biggest bits of evidence the team has on "A," and does so for a reason that was literally just presented on the previous episode.

If Toby has actually always been deeply invested in finding out what occurred to his mother, then why has actually he never mentioned his mother"s fatality or her time in Radley before this season? This appears specifically weird because Spencer remained in Radley the previous seaboy, and it never before came up then.

Holly Marie Combs on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freeform

"A" does most things that seem incredibly tough, if not flat-out impossible, to actually arvariety, yet this moment in the time of seaboy 4, episode 5, "Gamma Zeta Die!" definitely stands out.

When Aria is talking to her mommy in her auto, there"s a bee flying roughly, which her mommy promptly kills. After Aria gets out of the auto, though, "A" sends a threatening message calling the strike "the first taste of her venom," and also a huge sheat of bees shows up in Mrs. Montgomery"s automobile. The bees sting her so badly that she has to be hospitalized.

This is one of those brutal "A" assaults that never gets defined.

Who on the "A" team had actually access to that many kind of bees? How did they deliver them into Aria"s mom"s car? How did they ensure that the bees wouldn"t come out of wherever they were hiding until Aria stepped out of the car?

"A" is the mastermind behind many devastating schemes. ABC Family/Freedevelop

One thing that becomes clear throughout the present is that "A" always has accessibility to an absurd variety of transport choices.

Mona as "A" hit Hanna via an SUV back on seakid one, "A" fakes Toby"s fatality via a crashed motorcycle on seaboy 3, "A" tries to run over Emily, Aria, and also Hanna through Mona"s car on seakid 4, and also we likewise learn on seachild four that "A" has actually been making use of a exclusive airplane.

But the many unbelievable "A" act including a auto is possibly the car crash in Emily"s living room on seaboy four, episode seven, "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

At the exceptionally finish of this episode, a automobile drives directly into Emily"s living room, where her mommy is talking on the phone. Emily"s mother manperiods to dive out of the way and also avoid obtaining hurt, but the front of her residence and also the car are entirely damaged.

But we learn on the next episode that whoever was driving someexactly how escaped the vehicle so easily after the accident that Emily and also her mommy didn"t view who they were.

We later discover out that the driver is "A," but it is never explained exactly how "A" controlled to crash a auto right into a residence, make it through that crash without injury, and also flee the vehicle so quickly.

Ian Harding played Ezra Fitz. ABC Family/Freeform

During seakid 3, viewers were introduced to Ezra"s high-college girlfrifinish Maggie and her 7-year-old boy Malcolm, that was believed to be Ezra"s kid.

Maggie obtained pregnant while dating Ezra, and also his mother phelp Maggie to disappear to protect against Ezra having to care for a boy as a teenager. Ezra is furious as soon as he finds out about this because he never kbrand-new he had actually a kid or that his mother phelp Maggie off.

"A" is actually the one that reveals Ezra"s key kid to him, and also Malcolm is also kidnapped by "A" for an entire afternoon.

Maggie and Malcolm are a huge component of seakid 3 and also the first half of seakid 4. But after Maggie gets a project offer that would certainly need moving Malcolm away, Ezra takes a paternity test in the really hopes of taking Maggie to court to acquire custody of Malcolm.

But during season 4, episode 10, "The Mirror Has Three Faces," the results of the paternity test prove that Ezra isn"t actually Malcolm"s father, making the multiple-seakid plotline a very long waste of time.

Roselumber threw a hoedvery own dance in the time of seaboy four. ABC Family/Freedevelop

Seaboy 4, episode 11, "Bring Dvery own the Hoe," unified the show"s usual revelations and also suspense through a hoedown-style dance.

The fact that Rosehardwood High was also having a hoedvery own was a bit of a stretch seeing as the high-class town frequently throws formal events. But for some factor, the college threw a nation dance that the liars — and the rest of the institution — willingly attfinish.

Once everyone is at the dance, every one of the liars acquire pulled amethod into dramatic goals centered on their relationships or "A."

Hanna meets Travis at the dance, and he reveals that he saw that eliminated Detective Darren Wilden and deserve to testify to clear Hanna"s mother"s name. Meanwhile, Emily and Spencer see Red Coat (this season"s iteration of "A") and also borrow a hayride truck to try and chase her down.

All of this is pretty much typical for a "Pretty Little Liars" school-dance episode till Aria and her day, Jake, actually begin dancing.

Aria and Jake apparently know how to carry out an entire nation line-dance program — and also so carry out all of the various other students from the Northeastern tvery own — and also viewers gained to spfinish virtually two complete minutes watching them.

That"s two full minutes collection aside for a country dance program fairly than for, say, any type of sort of explanation around the totality bee point.

The liars uncover themselves in life-threatening cases throughout the present. ABC Family/Freeform

Seakid 4, episode 12, "Now You See Me, Now You Don"t," reflects the liars going to a magic present in Ravenshardwood to get answers about Mona"s disappearance.

This is currently a little bit of an odd plotline — specifically since Spencer opening an "A" magic box note becomes a clunky means to present that she reportedly knows just how to do magic tricks, which she never before does or brings up aacquire.

Why was "A" sfinishing them to a magic show in Ravenshardwood, a tvery own that all of a sudden became essential this season? Maybe to promote the spin-off TV series "Ravenswood" that aired about the very same time as this seaboy.

While Hanna, Spencer, and also Emily watch Aria "disappear" onstage as component of the magic act, Emily is the one who actually goes absent.

"A" someexactly how kidnaps her in wide daylight in the time of the magic display, also though Emily is completely mindful. And not only does "A" manage to kidnap Emily, yet likewise they obtain Emily right into a coffin that was waiting at a nearby sawmill, and also sfinish her down a conveyor belt moving toward a gigantic, rotating witnessed.

Emily is rescued, and the liars never before ask exactly how she ended up in the coffin. It"s never described just how "A" actually regulated to carry out all of this without Emily noticing or crying out, or running away.

Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freeform

When Hanna starts concentrating more on the latest mystery in the liars" resides — finding out that was actually hidden at Ali"s funeral — she realizes that someone switched Ali"s dental documents to complement the teeth of the dead girl.

On seaboy 4, episode 17, "Bite Your Tongue," Hanna renders a dentist appointment so she deserve to go through the city"s dental files, yet "A" has actually various other plans. They put Hanna under anesthesia and perform dental surgery on her to leave a message inside her tooth.

Perhaps the most unbelievable component is that the girls are actually able to uncover and read the tooth message.

Viewers have to suspend the majority of disidea here, founding via the truth that "A" knows sufficient around dental surgical procedure to be able to leave a note in someone"s tooth.

"A" also had actually to assume that as soon as Hanna woke up via her mouth hurting, she would somehow find and review the note. A note that is so minuscule (tooth-sized!) that it has to be read via a magnifying glass.

The scene just renders me miss out on the times when "A" would certainly simply send a foreboding text.

Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freeform

"Shadow Play," seakid 4, episode 19, entirely takes area in Spencer"s mind.

It feels jarringly out of location, has odd out-of-character moments, and also earned its place on Screenrant"s list of the worst episodes of "Pretty Little Liars."

After spfinishing numerous nights not sleeping — thanks to the pills she"s been taking — Spencer supposedly imagines her civilization as a noir-style film from the 1940s that does not rather line up through reality.

Although this episode helps the audience see exactly how seriously Spencer"s drug use is affecting her, it feels unnecessary. It"s additionally odd that an episode wbelow nothing happens in the actual world would take location at the finish of such a suspenseful season.

Spencer wore a corcollection through bones on the inside. ABC Family/Freecreate

When Ali"s mom puts together a bridal fashion display throughout seaboy 4, episode 23, "Unbridled," the liars volunteer to be models and seize the chance to search the DiLaurentis" residence for ideas.

But despite being taken into consideration the smartest liar, Spencer was supposedly inqualified of realizing the dress she wore for the fashion present had a corset via bones sewn right into it.

Corsets are normally a bit uncomfortable to put on, so presumably one through finger bones sewn in would certainly be outbest painful. However before, Spencer does not notice at all until she takes it off in front of the other liars.

How she regulated to put the corset on without ever before looking at it and also seeing the bones is never before defined or also doubted by any type of of the other girls.

At this suggest, they"ve currently randomly uncovered a necklace made of teeth, so I intend they"ve simply welcomed that occasionally they"ll be finding random body parts courtesy of "A."

Drugs were misoffered many times on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freeform

Tbelow are 2 points that stand also out around the night Ali went missing: She met with an absurd number of people and also she wore a bright-yellow shirt that even the actress that played Ali hated.

For a number of periods, viewers wondered why no one other than Spencer woke up previously to realize Ali was lacking. On the seachild four finale, ""A" Is for Answers," the girls discover out they slept through that night bereason Ali actually drugged them all with medication she stole from her mom.

Because Spencer had actually been taking upper pills at the moment, the sedative didn"t job-related properly on her, which defines why she was the only one who woke up during the night.

Ali"s reasoning behind drugging her friends was that if she received an "A" risk while the girls were sleeping, she would certainly know for sure that namong the girls were "A."

But she might also have actually been simply as particular if she obtained an "A" text while the girls were busy through specific extracurriculars, in course, or doing any other jobs. So drugging all of her friends through a sedative appears uncalled for.

Tbelow was an "A" flash mob on the first episode of seachild five. ABC Family/Freeform

The first episode of season five, "EscApe From New York," is filled with unlikely moments — choose just how CeCe escapes police custody and also Ali publicly meets CeCe in a New York diner without cops recognizing either of them.

Yet an "A" flash mob feels choose one of the weirdest moments on the whole series.

After the liars think they"ve tricked "A" into meeting them at a park, a number of dozen human being dressed in all black through their deals with covered appear and disorient the liars.

The genuine "A" of the moment, Shana, hired all the civilization, however we never found out exactly how she did that. They are out of town in New York at the time, a area wright here Shana doesn"t seem to have any type of relations, and also they"ve just been below for a few hrs as soon as the mob starts.

How did Shana put together a New York flash mob so conveniently and understand exactly where and also as soon as to organize the team to streatment the liars?

Since Shana dies at the end of this episode and also the liars never lug the "A" mob up aacquire, it looks prefer we"ll never before understand.

Toby's residence explodes on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

Throughout seakid five, episode five, "Miss Me x 100," while the liars and their partners are watching the news brief that reveals the name of the girl hidden in Ali"s grave, a vast explosion happens across the street at Toby"s residence.

Immediately, a text reveals that "A" is responsible for this. However before, "A" decided to blow up Toby"s home while no one was inside rather of the house a couple of doors dvery own wright here everyone was sitting, which appears a little off-brand.

As Caleb notes on the episode, "A" doesn"t miss, so she targeted Toby"s residence for a factor. But why Toby"s home quite than almost everywhere else? And exactly how did "A" get explosives and also understand just how to usage them so that only Toby"s house and also yard would certainly be destroyed?

Since this is "Pretty Little Liars," there aren"t any type of solid answers to any of these concerns. The mainly welcomed concept behind this seems to be that "A" just wanted to do somepoint astronomical to let the girls recognize they were earlier.

This additionally taken place on the 100th episode of the series, so the writers may have just wanted to note the occasion through a vast explosion.

Ashley Benboy on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

"How the "A" Stole Christmas" is seaboy five"s Christmas episode, and it"s complete of both holiday cheer and also odd moments.

At one allude, Ali sees a ghost variation of the believed-to-be-dead Mona, and also at an additional, Spencer takes the time to dress up as a "sexy" Santa Claus for Toby despite being worried around probably being convicted for murder.

But the many out-of-character minute happens as soon as Hanna and Caleb are handing out gifts to kids. Hanna notices that some girls are making fun of another girl who is deaf, and Hanna pulls the girls aside to tell them to speak.

When the evident leader of the group, that Caleb calls "Ali"s bit mini-me," is unimpressed by Hanna"s warning, she tells the girl that she might want to make fewer enemies considering that "in Rosewood, b----s gain buried."

The girl walks ameans obviously annoyed, but she doesn"t actually seem to be bothered by an adult cursing in front of her and implying that she"ll be murdered if she doesn"t act nicer.

Vanessa Ray played CeCe Drake on "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family/Freecreate

On seakid 6, episode 10, "Game Over, Charles," CeCe defines many type of of the show"s mysteries to the liars and also Mona.

In specific, she talks about visiting Rosewood High for a day in an effort to check out her household. That visit dropped photo day and also, naturally, CeCe posed for a photo while she was there.

Eagle-eyed viewers will certainly remember that earlier on seaboy three once CeCe first introduced herself to the liars, Spencer discovered her photo in an old yearbook.

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In spite of having never before attfinished Roselumber High, Cece"s photo ends up in the yearbook via her name underneath it. The subtitle even declared she won prom queen and was component of 2 clubs.