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Take a look at at this cool homemade Price is best Costumes shared with united state by costume enthusiasts from approximately the world. Together with the costumes here, you’ll additionally find loads of homemade costume ideas and also DIY Halloween costume incentive for your following costume project. Enjoy!

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Ever because I to be a kid, ns loved The Price Is Right, and especially the game Plinko. It always looked like it to be so lot fun come play!I would watch the present during the summer or if ns was home sick indigenous school. These days I’ll clock it once I’m home sick from work. I … check out more


For this The Price is best Contestant’s Row pair costume, I reduced up a big UHAUL box until I liked the dimension that I wanted the bidders heat to be. I used twin sided tape to affix Bristol plank to the cardboard. The blue/red component is an additional piece the cardboard enclosed with dual sided tape. … read more


This halloween i chose to become a price is ideal contestant. Im OBSSESED through the show and also it would certainly be a dream come true to go to the show. However obviously the cant be excellent soo made decision to become a contestant in spirit. In its entirety i spent 20-30 dollars on the costume. Listed below is how i … check out more

We had actually a great time do this Price Is appropriate Costume. We obtained corrugated board and also spray painted lock green. Then we vinyled all the letter designs. Tied a string through it to hang. We additionally made the shirts. The fronts claims “I $ Plinko” and also the backs speak “Spay and also Neuter your Pets”. We … read more

Growing up I spend morning after morning with my Grandmother city hall the Price is Right, and also feeling that the tanned man on screen was like an additional surrogate grandfather. Bob was part of the family. Now because he is no longer on the air, ns felt together though that was appropriate time to immortalize him in … review more

My husband and also I watch the Price is appropriate everyday, in addition to our practically three-year-old Cameron. He loves the wheel, and also the noise the makes. Early this year mine husband said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could make him the large Wheel Halloween costume?” I assumed that it was a great idea, but I … review more

This is a homemade Price is right contestant costume. That is made to look like I bid the winning number and also am prepared to ‘come ~ above down’ to contestants row. Ns made this through a sturdy white plank that ns purchased native a convenience store and also carefully placed yellow and green construction paper to do … read more

I have actually been the town hall the Price is Right since I to be a small girl and love the show! one day while the town hall the show, i realized the my husband resembled attracted Carey (the new host), and also thought that it would certainly be the perfect Halloween costume due to the fact that I have constantly wanted to it is in a contestant ~ above … check out more

This year in honor of Bob Barker’s retirement we determined to deck our household out in a team Halloween costume of “The Price is Right”! Dad to be the big Wheel, mommy was the game, Plinko the oldest daughter to be a Barker’s beauty, and also the younger daughter was the contestant! ours newest addition (six main old!) … review more

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