ns am structure a internet restaurant listing, and I am concerned around the clarity of the message between the architecture simplicity of reflecting price ranges like http://www.fodors.com/world/south-america/brazil/sao-paulo/restaurants.html , and an ext detailed price variety http://supervegan.com/find.php?by=price or tool price 25$

What is it the best method to give helpful information? provide an hint about the price, or showing the price clearly?

I feel the there is a hazard of putting off the user with clear price, yet as the same time I like to be transparent. So I sought some data top top internet, and I didn"t uncover anything beneficial to help me and take a final decision.

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You could incorporate both, like Disney walk for your resorts and parks. Ns think as a consumer, I like to view the really price. What one customer may think of as expensive, one more may not, or one may see much more value in something 보다 the other, as such the much more information you have the right to provide, the less complicated it will be for customers to gauge what castle perceive the worth to be.

If I"m making use of Fodor"s site and also want to plan an amazing night out, I could look in ~ a $$$$ restaurant yet not realize, till I gain there, the I have the right to only afford a $$$ location. Plus, high-end restaurants (and other establishments) tend to not put prices ~ above menus for human being to watch ahead the time.

Save your customers the stress and also anxiety, display them both, permit them search and filter on both.

// No clinical research, this is simply opinion.



Here are some web links towards price and decision making. The actually an ext targeting marketing, like exactly how to offer stuff, but nevertheless offering you some research study insights (and links to docs) of how price tags influence decision. Though, that touchs indirect your certain problem.

Pricing Experiments

Impact that Number Formats

Power the Comparision


I think girlfriend should show the price, but allow for browsing within price ranges - which should allow the user to discover $$ places by looking on a price band the you define as $$.

The real problem with just hints is that that some world would think about £80 because that a enjoy the meal a reasonable $$$ sort of price, whereas ns would consider that an extremely high - $$$$. If I understand what the varieties are, at the very least I can see what friend think high-quality means.

However, additionally make that clear that the price is one approximation, and also reflects the kind of price scale for the restaurant, not a fixed, definite per human cost. It gives me one idea that the kind of place, and also the likely expense of eating there, which is all ns need.

Note - this is native a UK perspective. Other places may have various expectations.


I would certainly group particular items into a price range and show the yes, really price of items with less emphasis.

Related: i designed an application that generates mobile sites because that restaurants critical year ( http://menuito.com ) and also found that customers have tendency take both viewpoints largely relying on how plenty of items they have actually on your menu. Once they had a most items lock would use one food selection item to define a team of them, and assign a price selection along through the highlights of that group. When they had fewer food selection items, lock took an ext care to define them individually and specific prices verified up more. There can be part wisdom in what they"re doing, but keep in mind the it"s for mobile specifically.

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