No family is safe from drama, also in the monarchy. This is a concept E!"s initially scripted series The Royals plans to dive headinitially right into, enabling viewers to acquire a behind-the-scenes look at the goings on in this fictional British household. And while Elizabeth Hurley"s Queen Helena is bound to have actually a couple of scandalous moments of her own, the actual wild kid of the bunch drops to Alexandra Park"s rebellious character, Princess Eleanor. Drinking, partying, hooking up through plenty of men — it"s safe to say this girl is a tabloid newspaper"s dream come true, offered all the risqué product she sends out their means. But is it feasible that Princess Eleanor is based upon anyone IRL?

As Prince William and Kate Middleton continually demonstrate, real-life British royals lead an extra respectable life than what the delicious drama The Royals clearly has actually in save for us. So I very a lot doubt we can intend to watch a grown up Prince George throwing wild keg parties at Buckingham Palace in the future. (Though, if he does, I completely desire to be invited.) But is there any kind of possibility there"s some reality to all this fiction? The the majority of clear-reduced answer is no, which came straight from the horse"s mouth, so to soptimal.

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At the New York premiere of The Royals , Park explained to that she very doubts the current royal family members will certainly be insulted by their performances because it"s not based on any real-life countercomponents. "I think there’s nopoint to be scared of as soon as making a story about a fictional royal family," Park revealed. "It’s of no mockery or imitation of them at all and also I hope they gain a kick out of it." (Sign me up for that private viewing session! I"ll carry the popcorn.)

That being sassist, I still uncovered myself intrigued by the principle and also did a little digging of previous royals named Eleanor, and one of them absolutely regulated to capture my eye. Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most affluent and also effective womales in Europe during the High Middle Ages. She married the King Louise VII of France when she was 15 years old and went on to take part in the 2nd Crusade. But unchoose the majority of marriperiods earlier in that time, Eleanor got an annulment from her husband and also, within a year, went on to marry King Henry II of England, who was ten years younger than her (she was 30 to his 20).

Sure, this kind of stuff isn"t specifically on par through the level of scandal we"re provided to these days, however earlier then it was much more unprevalent for a woman, let alone royalty, to have even more than one husband also in her lifetime.

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(Whereas the king can be granted as many mistresses as he wanted without shame. Double traditional much?!) Of course, I doubt the authors had this certain person in mind when they wrote up Princess Eleanor"s character, but it"s still pretty excellent to view real-life female leaders forego tradition and present off some spunk.