If my jail need more then one station why is the that as soon as I attach the second station in come the grid the overloads both stations? ns looked in ~ a couple of pre made prisons and they every seem to isolation every power terminal from every other, Why? ns should have the ability to have much more than one terminal powering the grid.

Please helpThanksPaul

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Not certain what you typical by overcome the wires. If I have the cable plant all laid out v one PS. Include a second station and then run a cable from 2nd station come the present cabling, the game should separation the demand between the 2. It does not. That blows both stations! exactly how would that be feasible to even cross cable them?

Jesseas ■■■! so my very first statement/questions stands, and also your intake is totally useless, and does no answer the inquiry at all, mine statement was you have the right to not have actually 2 PS on the same circuit. This is a true statement., My concern is why deserve to I not ties much more then 1 PS in come an currently circuit. I should have the ability to do this. Is this a an insect or through design? If the latter then why> What is the logic behind this decision?

What you need to do is make certain they don"t attach or they will certainly serge and you can tell which one is i beg your pardon by the shade of the cables for this reason as lengthy as castle don"t touch you will certainly be fine

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It"s rather simple... Due to the fact that that is just how they designed the game. The is no a bug. Together for the reasonable behind why they go it that way... I have actually no idea and it doesn"t really matter. The original creators that the game made that that way so D11 was following the original design of the game. It"s to be that way and much more than most likely remain the way. I recognize that in the beforehand stages of the game the variety of capacitors was restricted so it is in glad because that what is accessible in the game now.

The means I attend to it is i grid the end the entire map (usually large ones) into 4 sections through the center lines gift 2-4 block apart then ns grid lock out into 14x14 blocks together the strength lines will only cover the end to a max the 15 blocks away from the nearest strength line. During the early part of the video game when I have the right to only bought 1 or 2 strength stations ns just link the 4 sections in addition to 1 line each in the center so I know where the is. That means there is only 3 or 4 links to be eliminated to revolve it right into an separation, personal, instance grid the its own later on when my existing power station(s) gain overwhelmed and also I can afford to add another station and also capacitors.

So my luddite knowledge is that running generators in parallel in real life without shorting circuits is pretty difficult, for this reason the limitation was added to reflect the really real factor to consider of grid planning. I think the an obstacle makes it an ext fun, personally! My father is an electric engineer for this reason I could probably obtain a less idiot explanation from the if i were therefore inclined