Jung believed that there were two levels to the unconscious mind, the personal and the ________.A.) CollectiveB.) AnimusC.) AnimaD.) Preconscious

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You are about to undergo delicate brain surgery that requires great skill on the part of the surgeon. As the surgical team wheels you into the operating room, you hope the surgeon has a high level of ________.A.) EgoB.) ExtraversionC.) Self-efficacyD.) Superego
Adoption studies focusing on the heritability of traits have ________.A.) Disputed the findings of twin studiesB.) Been attacked for ethical reasonsC.) Confirmed what twin studies have shownD.) Shown that twin studies have methods that need to be reexamined
What did Raymond Cattell call the underlying traits that direct surface traits?A.) Source traitsB.) Secondary traitsC.) Background traitsD.) Subordinate traits
When one thinks of "value judgment" in relation to moral or ethical behavior, one is thinking about ________.A.) SoulB.) CharacterC.) TemperamentD.) Conscience
What is Freud"s term for the primitive side of personality that is motivated primarily by biological drives?A.) IdB.) EgoC.) SuperegoD.) Preconscious
Which of the following is LEAST likely to be associated with a collectivist culture?A.) DutyB.) OrderC.) Respect for eldersD.) Equality
Probably the biggest problem with personality assessments by behaviorists is the ________.A.) Observer effectB.) Subject biasC.) Experimenter biasD.) Test bias
What do Abraham Maslow"s and Carl Rogers"s theories have in common?A.) They are both stage theories.B.) They focus on unconscious motivation.C.) They both fit in the learning/cognitive perspective.D.) They believe that each human being is free to choose his or her own destiny.
While taking the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Vince notices that it contains certain questions that are asked several times in different ways. He asks his daughter, who is a graduate student in psychology, why that is. What is his daughter likely to say?A.) Truly psychotic individuals expect to find "strange" items on tests.B.) Those items contain hidden content that is not apparent to normal people.C.) Some items are used to determine if test takers are trying to "fake" the test by not reading.D.) The MMPI contains a number of experimental items used in developing future versions of the test.




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