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Cohesion to be the biggest difficulty for the final developers of season 15 and the resounding keep in mind from the judges. Therefore with only a day till NYFW, they get $500, a trip to Mood, and also a hrs to put it all together. And also we obtain lots and also lots the flashbacks.

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Tim checks in v them after ~ they purchase structure to make sure things room on track. Naught too interesting happens here other than Roberi saying, “Confusion is my thing,” which may be the finest thing he has actually said all season.

The following day the models come in because that fittings and also hair and makeup consultations. Climate Tim makes them gather ’round so he can offer his “I’m therefore proud the you” speech. He gets choked increase a bit, and also I need to wonder if the appreciates this designers much more than those in the past seasons. Season 15 contestants have all been such an excellent sports and also really open to his mentoring.

…as in 3:30 a.m. It’s the morning of the runway! Zendaya is over there to guest judge your finale looks and things are hectic backstage. Laurence has a rip in among her skirts — however that looks prefer cake compared to Roberi’s version going missing. He needs to fit his model, Hildy, into a pair the shoes the don’t fit her (on ANTM, Tyra financial institutions made me think all models wore pair of shoes too little for their feet, but this interaction is make me think otherwise).

After the big fashion show, the judges and also designers meet earlier on their mini runway because that critiques that the collections.



Inspired by rebellion and punk rock, Rik produced a arsenal that somehow ended up combining paisley embroidered denim, black-and-white print, and colored leather in a means that make sense. Zendaya loves it and also wants to walk turn off with few of the pieces: “That jacket appropriate there — holler at your girl.” Nina claims the air come out the her as soon as the very first look walked the runway. And she had actually been doubtful of the denim, yet she believed it all pulled with each other well. Zac claims he wanted a little an ext bedazzling, but as whole it feel “now and also cool and California.” Heidi was just happy it to be cohesive.


Although Roberi’s “confusion” principle worried Tim, the “experiences and also memories” impetus wowed the judges. Heidi states she’s proud that him and also excited by the looks in his show. Nina claims it was a come back from the sneak peek prior to — she likes how he blended refined pieces through outerwear. Zac says every little thing has a feminine but cerebral high quality to them, and also Zendaya states it’s practically ethereal…but his jackets space “dope.” (I won’t lie — ns was shocked this was Roberi’s collection. The felt different from what he’d excellent this season.)

Kooky. There’s yes, really no other way to describe Erin’s collection. Yet kooky works here. Zac says she has a distinct sensibility: It’s “pop-glam, art school, cut and paste.” Zendaya claims she had actually fun watching the looks and also it feel expensive when chic at the same time. Heidi claims there were a many wow moments and it to be a true fashion show. Nina likes just how the garments have a sense of femininity and also humor at the exact same time — and also she tells Erin she has a true gift because that design.

Well, this was a change. Not a stitch of black color on the runway in Laurence’s collection. And what’s more, her repertoire was mirroring “the irradiate at the end of the tunnel,” for this reason there to be ~white~. Zendaya claims it’s beautiful and chic but likewise has a quite toughness. Zac claims Laurence’s collection is the most wearable but had a absence of runway impact. I agree, and so does Heidi. She says the women were sophisticated, however there were no wow moments. Nina loves the tailoring, but the much more commercial pieces didn’t seem prefer they to be from the same designer.

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After offering mini speeches top top why they have to win, the judges deliberate for a tiny longer and then declare the winner, who is…

To quote the winner herself: “An ex-Mormon girl native Utah just won Project Runway season 15.”

What perform you guys think? to be you happy with the last runway show? did the right human being win? Or are you currently thinking around those beloved Junior kids!? before you go, make certain you review our with Erin about her win and also her time on this season.