Loved it. Come in rapid time was beautifully wrapped and also had a cute personal note. The tulle skirt over this dress was therefore soft. I wore it come prom and also it to be amazing!!! that looked choose one complete dress. Will definitely shop below again!


I purchase this dress for mine daughter. Unsure around how that would revolve out. She"s 5"11 for this reason we unique ordered it to be sure it was long enough. It"s perfect! exactly as pictured!!

Loved the dress! notified it together a prom dress however unfortunately had actually to return the due to an altering circumstances. Absolutely loved that though.

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This evening dress is for this reason classy and also elegant. The ideal thing around this long gown in satin is its low price. Such a well-made and high high quality dress could price hundreds of dollars if purchased at any type of retail store or boutique. Secondly, the figure-hugging to the right of the dress provides it for this reason special and also attractive. If you have nice curves, this dress lets you present off her beauty where you wear the to. Sweep train renders the look perfect. Color selections are amazing. All the colors space so bright and also pretty. That is in its entirety a really impressive gown and also I would certainly recommend it to anybody.

The size of the dress was exactly right and the length fits too, i noticed the exquisite beadings and flowy lace just true to the images. I think it is a beautiful evening dress and would introduce the seller for its professionalism.

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Truly amazing! I gave my specific measurements and it fits perfectly. Such soft material. That is yes, really beautiful. Can"t wait come wear that on my daughter"s wedding day. Such a straightforward dress however so elegant. Thank you SOOO much!!! highly recommended. A+++++++++++++

I go online and I found what I thought was the perfect dress. Alex indigenous the an extremely beginning to be thoughtful, professional and him responses to be quick and friendly. Once I missed the post office delivery, Alex wrote an email of concern to make certain I received it! that goes that above and beyond after they"ve finished a project? not anyone in NYC, i m sorry is wherein I live. And also the dress. Women, when I say the it is precisely what ns wanted, I mean it. Light and airy, it looks expensive and I feel so beautiful.

I got so numerous compliments for this dress. The is a dress that provides you stand the end from the rest at any kind of event. The has distinctive design and beautiful colors. That looks simply as in the pictures and also does no disppoint. Go for it!