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Growth is advantageous to a nation because it:A.promotes faster populace growth.
B.lessens the burden of scarcity.
C.eliminates the economizing problem.
D.slows the growth of wants.
2.Which of the following is not a supply aspect in financial growth?A.the stock of capital
B.technological advance
C.the size and also quality the the labor force
D.full employment
3.Which that the following would no be expected to rise labor productivity?A.technological advance
B.the salvation of much more education and training through the labor force
C.an boost in the dimension of the labor force
D.the realization of economic situations of scale
4.Labor productivity might be identified as:A.total output/worker-hours.
B.nominal GDP minus real GDP.
C.the proportion of real capital to worker-hours.
D.the yearly increase in in the name of GDP per worker.
5.In a full-employment economy, a high rate of expansion requires a:A.low rate of saving and a low price of investment.
B.high price of saving and a low price of investment.
C.high rate of saving and also a high price of investment.
D.low price of saving and also a high price of investment.
6.Which the the complying with is a likely implication of the united States" performance slowdown?A.a lower rate the inflation
B.a decline in the expansion of real living standards
C.expanded U.S. Exports.
D.a far-reaching rise in actual wages.
7.Demand-side development policies emphasize:A.government budget surpluses to restrain inflation.
B.government program to expand high-productivity industries and also to hasten the decrease of low-productivity industries.
C.the use of taxes reductions to stimulate saving, investment, and incentives to work.
D.low interest rates and also high rates of investment.
8.Education and also training program (such as general tuition taxes credits and retraining programs because that those losing work to imports) finest exemplify:A."demand-side policies" design to increase labor productivity.
B."supply-side policies" designed come increase financial growth.
C."fiscal policies" designed to hold down inflation.
D."industrial policies" draft to encourage U.S. Exports.
9.(Last Word) movie critics of economic growth:A.contend the growth and also industrialization mitigate pollution.
B.argue that financial growth walk not deal with socioeconomic difficulties such as revenue inequality.
C.feel that growth results in greater financial security because that workers.
D.say its benefits acrue practically exclusively to white males.
10.(Last Word) advocates of financial growth make every one of the following debates except:A.Growth is the basic means of boosting living standards.
B.It is simpler to minimize poverty when the economic climate is farming than when it is not.
C.There is a direct relationship between a farming real GDP and pollution.
D.Growth offers an financial environment favorable come education and self-fulfillment.

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