Psych: The origin Of Shawn & Gus' "C'mon Son" described Shawn and also Gus" "C"mon son!" line to be a major running gag in Psych, start in season 6 that the USA series. Here"s wherein the phrase came from.

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Psych Gus and Shawn
C’mon son!” to be a major running gag in Psych, yet what’s the story behind this line? This phrase, i m sorry was provided briefly in a season 4 episode, was talked frequently through both Shawn (James Roday) and also Gus (Dulé Hill) in the last three seasons of the USA series.

Between season 6 and also season 8, both Shawn and Gus made consistent use the the line, “C’mon son!”; it was even offered on rare occasions by Gus’ season 7 girlfriend, Rachael (Parminder Nagra). In several situations, Shawn and Gus would say it back to each other while arguing. As Psych drew closer to the end, Shawn and also Gus began to fall the line at least once nearly every episode, and at times, it would be offered even much more than that. It was predictably brought ago in the 2017 reunion film, Psych: The Movie, which to be released 3 years after ~ the collection wrapped increase its eighth and also final season in 2014.

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Where did this line come from, and why did it suddenly come to be so crucial to the display in season 6? “C’mon son!” is the catchphrase of Ed Lover, a rapper whose music was famous in the 1990s. He popularized the heat after using it in a i know good hop show he organized on MTV dubbed Yo! MTV Raps Today. It was normally used through Ed Lover together a criticism because that an activity that he viewed as stupid or foolish, i m sorry is the same way it was utilized by Shawn and Gus ~ above Psych.

The characters didn’t make regular use the Ed Lover’s catchphrase till Psych season 6, episode 2, title “Late Night Gus.” once Shawn, Gus, Lassiter (Timothy Omundson), Woody (Kurt Fuller) woke up one morning after being drugged and with no storage of what taken place the night before, Shawn uncovered himself put on a yellow chain. Later on in the episode, Ed Lover (played by himself) walked right into Chief Vick’s office and accused Shawn of steal his chain. After ~ Shawn refuse the accusation, Ed Lover replied with the top line. Lover repeated “C’mon son!” in his 2nd guest appearance on the show, when he play a bailiff in Psych season 8’s remake episode. In this scene, Ed Lover had actually to haul Gus out of the courtroom as soon as he was stalling because that time.

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It was best after Ed Lover’s very first Psych cameo the his famous catchphrase developed into a recurring joke for Shawn and Gus in the USA series. The was included to the perform of frequently-used jokes on Psych, which also included Shawn’s “I’ve heard it both ways” excuse for being wrong, Shawn’s fake names for Gus, Shawn’s obsession with Val Kilmer, and also more. The huge number of to run gags top top Psych to be a huge part of the show’s humor and appeal.