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Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? (I wish you love)

The tune talks about what is left that love v a an individual and poetic touch and is collection in Autumn. Together it to be written during the war, it described the “beaux jours” (the an excellent old days) with a nostalgic touch attached to it.

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About the song

Que reste-t-il denos amours ?(literally “What is left of ours love?“) is a well-known French song originally recorded in1942. The is known in English together “I wish you love”.

The tune was created byLéo Chauliacwith lyrics by French singerCharles Trenet(1913-2001). It to be featured for the very first time in François Truffaut’s movie “Baisers volés” (Stolen Kisses) in 1968.

The track was adjusted in English by Albert A. Beach and sung because that the an initial time in 1957 through Keely Smith. The English lyrics carry out not mention the season of loss nor “a tiny village, an old bell tower, a landscape so well hidden” which certainly refer to rural France.

Many various other singers have released a variation of the song either in French or in English: Chet Baker, Shirley Bassey, Patrick Bruel,Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, ice Crosby, Daliday, Arielle Dombasle,Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Joao Gilberto,François Hardy, Patricia Kaas, Gloria Lynne,Dean Martin, Eddy Mitchell, Yves Montand,Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Laurent Voulzy,Rachael Yamagata.

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The French text of “Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?”

Ce soir le vent qui frappe à ma porteMe parle des amours mortesDevant le feu qui s’ éteintCe soir c’est une chanson d’ automneDans la maison qui frissonneEt je pense aux jours lointains


Que reste-t-il de nos amoursQue reste-t-il de ces beaux joursUne photo, vieille photoDe ma jeunesseQue reste-t-il des billets douxDes mois d’ avril, des rendez-vousUn souvenir qui me poursuitSans cesse

Bonheur fané, cheveux au ventBaisers volés, rêves mouvantsQue reste-t-il de tout celaDites-le-moiUn petit village, un vieux clocherUn paysage si bien cachéEt dans un nuage le cher visageDe mon passé

Les mots les mots tendres qu’on murmureLes caresses les add to puresLes serments au fond des boisLes fleurs qu’on retrouve dans un livreDont le parfum vous enivreSe sont envolés pourquoi?

The English literal Translation: “Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?”

Tonight the wind that slaps in ~ my doorSpeaks come me of past love affairsBefore the fire the wanesTonight it’s a song of AutumnIn the residence that shiversAnd ns think of days lengthy ago


What is left of our love?What is left of this beautiful days?A photo, an old photoOf my youthWhat is left the the love lettersOf month in April, that rendez-vousA memory that follows meIncessantly

Withered great times, wind in hairStolen kisses, relocating dreamsWhat is left of all that?Tell me

A small village, an old bell towerA landscape so fine hiddenAnd in a cloud the too ~ faceOf my past

The native the tender words that one murmursThe caresses most pureThe vow deep in the woodsThe flowers one finds again in a bookThe perfume of which inebriates youThat disappeared why?

The English text of “I great you love”

Goodbye, no use leading through our chinsThis is wherein our story endsNever lovers, ever friendsGoodbye, let ours hearts contact it a dayBut prior to you walk awayI sincerely desire to sayI great you bluebirds in the springTo provide your love a song to singAnd climate a kiss, but more than thisI wish you loveAnd in july a lemonadeTo cool you in some leafy glade

I great you healthBut much more than wealthI great you loveMy break heart and also I agreeThat you and also I can never beSo v my bestMy really bestI set you freeI great you shelter from the stormA cozy fire to keep you warmBut many of all when snowflakes fallI wish you love



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