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It’s to be a long journey since we an initial announced Rainbow six Siege in ~ E3 in 2014, and also now we’re less than 2 weeks far from the start of the game. Before the full game is out in stores and ready for you come download, us still have actually one final testing milestone left. The open up Beta will certainly run on all platforms from November 25th with the 29th, with specific times varying by region.

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Pre-load will be accessible on 1st party marketplaces starting on November 23rd, and also everyone who participated in the closeup of the door Beta will have actually 24 hours early on access beginning on the 24th. The open Beta will be focused primarily on experimentation matchmaking and also online infrastructure, and also as such will only function a restricted scope that the game’s content. Your progression, inventory and also Ranked gameplay during the open up Beta will not lug over right into the last game.

The open up Beta contains some contents you can not have actually played in previous experimentation periods, including a new map, new operators, and also a brand-new Terrorist hunt mode. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to play:

The Operators


During the open up Beta, you’ll gain to pat the other three Russian Spetsnaz operators which contains the heavily armored Tachanka and also his mounted machine gun, and also Glaz v his very effective sniper rifle. Closed Beta fan favorite Fuze and also his very dangerous cluster charge will certainly not be accessible again until launch.


The Modes

Competitive Multiplayer (PvP)

The two PvP modes from the close up door Beta space back, with players fighting end room control in TDM – for sure Area or defusing and also defending bomb places in TDM – Bomb.

Terrorist hunt (PvE)

Featured throughout E3 2015 and live event previews, terror Hunt – Disarm Bomb will certainly be easily accessible for anyone to play throughout the open up Beta. You and your team will must infiltrate a place filled through White Masks and disarm two different bomb locations. It is in careful, once the bomb has actually been disarmed, White Masks will attempt to swarm the location and also take you out. Collection up properly and cover your corners to organize off the threat before moving to the next location.

The Maps


There will certainly be a complete of three maps throughout the open Beta, playable day and also night on both PvP and also PvE video game modes. Hereford Base and also the home map will be returning because that this experimentation period, and also for the an initial time you’ll have the ability to play the Kanal industrial Harbor map, which to be featured in the


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See girlfriend soon!

We are grateful and also humbled to it is in this close to the launch of the game, and also we can’t wait to have actually you every playing throughout the open up Beta for one last stability check. You’ll get to check out some of the recent renovations we made, including a lot stronger matchmaking experience. The course, launch is just the beginning and we will be continuing to take it feedback and also make updates to the game. Sign up with us top top the official subreddit and forums to share her thoughts.