Video Game after game, bricked swarm after bricked swarm, watching the Miami Heat and also Toronto Raptors play basketbanywhere the previous 2 weeks contends times been a laborious slog. Good thing the Raptors saved their best punch for last.

Kyle Lowry scored 35 points, and also DeMar DeRozan added 28 as the Raptors relocated on through a 116-89 win over the Heat in Video Game 7 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals series Sunday.

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Toronto will certainly be making its first conference finals appearance in franchise history. Founded in 1995, the Raptors had specifically one postseaboy series victory prior to these playoffs. And far too regularly, through 14 hard-combated playoff games, these Raptors showed up on the brink of throwing away a seakid that witnessed them win a franchise-document 56 games.

Lowry wouldn"t allow it to take place.

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Reviled in some circles for his shortcomings against the Indiana Pacers in the initially round and early on in this series, Lowry finished via a bang. He scored 96 points over the last 3 games versus Miami, including runs in Games 5 and 7 wbelow he single-handedly willed his team to victory.

The All-Star point guard saved his the majority of efficient game for last, making 11 of his 20 shots and obtaining to the line 11 times. Toronto was a whopping plus-31 through Lowry on the court, and he included nine assists and salso rebounds for a solid all-about effort. Raptors Republic went all cat emoji through its affection:


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