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Everyone who has watched Re:Zero(Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) episode 8, let’s melted some tears together!

This write-up is targeted at every one of you who has currently watched the 8th illustration of Re:Zero.This write-up contains many spoilers. Re:Zero is an TV Anime which likes to surprises the audience with its unforeseen story twists.If you don’t have actually watched every episodes as much as episode 8 or even haven’t watched this TV Anime at all, you should read this post after girlfriend have.

Waa it’s good, It’s soo good. It’s my favorite anime this year.

I just finished city hall the 8th episode and also it nearly made me cry because it for this reason touching.

What carry out you think?

I admit that there can be some great and additionally bad points around this anime, but I sincerly enjoyed this anime.

Subaru’s shaken heart

The indigenous ‘I’m back’ by Subaru after ~ coming ago from the dead to be so relieving.

Choosing fatality by jumping off a cliff, I had a emotion that that would use his power to redo every little thing from there.

Not just the trauma left, but additionally the reality that the is shell-shocked that he got killed by Rem.

After having actually watched a many mysteries that came to be darker and also darker earlier.

After being able come come back to a tension free everyday, the first half had quite part calming scenes, right?

It was likewise nice to be able to see Ram and Rem’s satisfied reactions and to acquire a glimpse at Subaru’s progression of his housework skills.

Addionally, Subaru’s magic talent was found after Puck analyzed his mana.(‘Darkness allows you remember trauma’ like illustrations have additionally been there…)

Finally a tiny bit that information around magic is revealed, which makes you understand the breadth of this work’s human being a little more.

This people view provides you to constantly want to be in it.

The following day, being told through Emilia ‘You’re really fit today!”, Subaru v a high-tenshion mood has a lot of fun through Emilia and also Puck.

Until currently it was only Subaru who constantly was ~ above high-tension.

But, this time it to be clear the his mood to be a little different since of his conversation partner, which make us, that were watching this uncomfortable emotion the whole time, anxious.

But listening to Emilia’s friendly words, relieved united state in the audience and also all our doubt went away.

And in ~ this timing, Subaru’s heart cry that only we that watch the anime might hear.

Being shaken by it, we deserve to only start to cry, right?

Rem’s decision

Being a little experienced Subaru does his job as a servant perfect from the first day.

That night, Subaru gets suspected during a converstaion between Ram and also Roswaal and also a step is displayed which mirrors Rem having a poor feeling.

There has actually been a comparable scene with Ram and also Roswaal before. At the time us didn’t recognize what come think of it, however Subaru appeared to it is in suspected all along.

In respect to the truth that Rem killed Subaru, we can think that it together she has actually done it come purely defend Emilia, but additionally that Roswaal has actually a lot of to perform with it.

We can imagine, Rem did that after she felt the she had the obligation to execute it ~ Ram gained too close come Subaru.

Then, straight hearing about Emilia’s courtesy towards Subaru, this scene foreshadows the this time Subaru will be killed by Rem.

Unintentionally, it makes us think if all of Subarus’s efforts have yes, really paid of.

The critical scene shows Rem, quiet staring in ~ Subaru.

The jealous witch, silver-haired half-elf, Satera

Considering Emilia who established herself together Satera, the friendly side of her ultimately came into my notice.

Also the fact, that Satera precisely looks choose a silver-haired half-elf.

I tho remember me saying, once Emilia was challenged with Felt, ‘no way!’, ‘it’s simply an accidental ressemblance’.

All this foreshadowing even so early on in the story, it’s a really good anime.

Still unresolved mysteries

Subaru’s witch odor (might be concerned his redo power)

Emilia and also Satera’s connection (only your looks?)

Felt, that was carried by Reinhard, and his reaction to the majesties emblem (vessel the the king?)

Might Ram and also Rem be demons?

The aim and also identity that the shamans

I can not wait because that the following episode

Re:Zero makes want to clock the next episode every time, right?

Because you see plenty of scenes multiple time in this work, I an initial thought that can get boring after ~ a while, however the producer really offered it wisely and also you see how Subaru steadily grows and how much more and more mysteries obtain resolved.

Additionally, the radio is very interesting, too.

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I think the there’s tho a great amount of foreshadowing that ns haven’t i found it yet. Ns you deserve to think of some, please feel cost-free to compose a comment around it.