Well, RHOA lovers, it is it! Season eight is in the have the right to and, I need to admit, i’m a tiny sad. I was rather hesitant that Housewives still had anything left in the tank, but it surprised me. Both NeNe and Sheree went back with some remarkable one-liners, Kim areas grew top top me (and though i doubt she’ll be back, she represented herself nicely), and also there was a good amount of drama, consisting of that cringeworthy fight neighboring Kim’s husband, Chris. All in all, I had actually a great time watching. Let’s get into the last episode the the season, chandelier we?

We begin with NeNe authorized the ladies on the couch, looking prefer a frosty mug that hot chocolate you’d get at a middle-school hockey game. It is a man outfit and also I would choose to be baptized in it. She tells Andy Cohen that she necessary time away from the craziness the the show, yet she came earlier because RHOA is she baby. She an OG and also could no let the other ladies run away through the show. The other women, including Kandi, roll their eyes, but NeNe is right. She is the best star and also funniest human being to come the end of the present by far. It probably didn’t pains NeNe come cash part Bravo checks while she out searching for her following TV role.

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After Kandi leaves the couch to pump she boobs, we see a video about Sheree and NeNe’s up-and-down relationship. Mostly, it’s just the women cussing and also dissing each other, flashing your insanely white teeth, and using words “bitch” a lot. As soon as the video clip ends, they’re like, “We’re friends.”


Is the what friendship is? The real-life indistinguishable of a nasty YouTube comment? i guess so, but it likewise seems prefer they placed their distinctions aside, i m sorry is nice. Sure, lock both quiet messy, but they perform seem brand-new and improved. Unfortunately, ns can’t to speak the same around Cynthia, who hella flip-flopped ~ above her connection with Kenya when NeNe got ago in the picture. Sigh. I really want to choose Cyn, yet then she walk trifling stuff prefer this and I’m like, “Maybe you the worst person on the show?” Kenya may be a troublemaker and also Porsha plainly has fury issues, but Cyn constantly tries to come off favor she’s the peacemaker, the patience one, the one that is fair, then just switches her allegiances based on who is sitting beside her. The is part trash the belongs in high school and also on Big Brother. Anyway, Cyn claims for once and also for all the she and Kenya are close friends, but not ideal friends — even though at Lake Lanier, she claimed they to be besties. Whatever, girl. I’m worn down of this drama and the dumb mess with you and also Peter. Just fix your life, boo, and also stop v the nonsense, a.k.a. Being NeNe’s lackey. Moving on.

Like i predicted weeks ago, Kandi and also Phaedra are pretty lot over. They are STILL talking around the money issue with Todd, which … why?! Phaedra just needs to admit that she gets funny v money and she doesn’t manage things professionally. Ns mean, I need to agree through Todd here. Yes, Phae was and also is going v a challenging time with Apollo, yet for she to act choose that way she couldn’t pay him? i don’t to buy it. Walk she have time to walk to the save to to buy hammocks, shower suits, and wig glue? Yes. That way she had plenty of time to provide Todd checks that wouldn’t bounce, therefore he can get paid for this rubbish workout video clip that will never ever see the light of day. Anyway, Todd curses Phaedra out throughout the reunion, which I’m sort of okay with, and also she and Kandi space done. Particularly after Kandi admits that she believed Phaedra referred to as the Feds ~ above her. Ouch. At least Phaedra still has actually Porsha.

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Sigh. Y’all know just how I feel around Porsha. She is a warm mess and also I think she need to be off the show. She’s not married, not also in a relationship, and she’s constantly snatching wigs favor she’s fighting because that a 40” TV during a black Friday sale. I’m happy she has that radio job and also that she going come anger management, but she’s still no genuinely taking responsibility for her violence. Instead, she states she feels favor she’s under push on the show. Five SHUT UP! all she needs to do is watch hot, drink cost-free booze, and also eat chicken kabobs in Jamaica. That’s not pressure; that’s a gahtdamn vacation. Take her #FirstWorldProblems and get the end my face with this “woe is me” garbage. In closing, Porsha is constantly complaining, so i’m like:


Let’s acquire to the biggest problem I have with RHOA: the ignorant happy comments the females make all the time. This leader to mine favorite minute of the whole season, in i beg your pardon Andy lastly says this ugly mess about Chris’ sexuality is nothing however gay bashing. Say thanks to YOU! I have to say the Andy has always tried to it is in neutral about the shenanigans, however I can see the pain on his face as all the ladies were going ago and forth about the rumors and also making snide comments about Chris’s masculinity. Ns really perform hope the Andy calling the end everyone’s behavior (except for Cynthia, and also Kandi, that didn’t take part in the ugliness) will certainly make the women not only think around what they to speak in the future, but likewise stop dealing with homosexuality together a negative. It’s not. It is why ns was so happy that the discussion ended with Chris speaking directly to his gay and also lesbian friends, apologizing on instead of of the females for the pains this whole scenario caused. Three cheers to Andy and Chris.

My second favorite moment of this episode? as soon as NeNe to be criticizing Porsha because that being violent every the time and also Porsha goes, “But didn’t you choking someone?” and NeNe says, “If i did, i was smart enough not to carry out it top top camera.”


L come the O come the L. NeNe is the MVP the this season and also the MVP of mine life. Sorry, mom and dad, but y’all didn’t teach me just how to choking a heaux ~ above the down-low. Anyway, I had a blast recapping this season and thanks to every 2175forals.com peeps who read them. Love you!

Alrighty, what did friend think that the reunion and the season overall? execute you desire Kim to come back? Anyone rather sick of Porsha?