Andy gets real with the actual Hous2175forals.comives and also airs some formerly unseen clip of Porsha"s fury tipping point



Oh, anyone is simply a occupational in progress, y’all…bless their tiny hearts. Yes, a couple of women amongst the Atlanta hous2175forals.comives may have actually been involved in three physical altercations in the last three years or can’t quite figure out how to pay your bills top top time or accidentally simply wore mesh and also a bunch the nipple beads onstage rather of real-life fabric. But, girlfriend guys, they’re functioning on it!

You understand who’s already got it every figured out, though? Andy Cohen, that over the food of this three-part reunion special has actually been progressively reading these little monsters that his own making because that filth prefer the Dr. Frankenstein of fact TV he is. And also it seems he’s been slowly working up to tonight — his grand finale — where he’s snatching peaches on the left, informing women ’bout us to the right, and throwing under the gauntlet dead-center on just how frequently RHOA throws approximately gay-bashing in the surname of a cheap laugh.

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But this final reunion rate wasn’t all about Andy — it to be also around NeNe’s jumpsuit and also n2175forals.comly discovered wisdom. Oh, and that clip of Porsha beating up her employee the was ever-so-casually stated last main somehow reflecting up. My eyes in reality bugged out as soon as I establish that no only had Porsha physical assaulted another person, however it was caught on film, and also we were going to see it. Below are a other treats indigenous season 8’s final episode:

NeNe is welcomed to the stage wearing a Kardashians-by-Kanye jumpsuit since she want to make sure to “give you guys body,” however she lik2175forals.comise wanted to serve a healthy dose of The NeNe: She’s calm; she’s wise; she simply wants everybody to it is in happy; and also she’s completely cool with Bravo reflecting her old face in all those flashbacks. Us take a tour v her previous relationships with several of the various other women onstage: She and also Sheree offered to scream at each various other in restaurants sometimes, but that was prefer three years ago, therefore they’re completely cool now. (For the record, I have actually lip balms I’ve held onto much longer than that.) She’s additionally cool with Kenya, who subsequently is cool with that time Cynthia was all, “Kenya? never ever heard of her.”

We acquire a remind to that time Kenya shed her cursed mind and also tried come come in ~ She through Sheree for having actually an loose house, also though she was just a couple of days into her very own poorly advised home building project. Yet hey, everybody finished up happy-home-owning friends, and also since they’re every already way over their finish-in-three-months wager and also the cameras have stopped rolling, they just list any type of random day for as soon as their residences will it is in finished: in march 5 for Kenya! In the next four weeks because that Sheree! and also if you believe that, I’m buying the golden Gate leg to usage as a loft bed in mine apartment in the an extremely near future!

Andy has started introduce to Porsha and Phaedra together Frick and also Frack, however I favor to call them Bert and Ernie Contoured in ~ an customs of their Lives. Everyone covers the entirety “lady in the streets, freak in the thong” facet of Phaedra’s duplicitous nature, but NeNe states she was just shocked through Phaedra’s ability to “make her booty relocate in a circle.” Porsha, at the same time — both Andy and also NeNe both decision that currently is ultimately the time to carry down the hammer on the fact that Phaedra used to wear kitten heels and also throw rotten tomatoes at strippers, and now she defends herself by saying, “I will certainly twerk, and also I will certainly wear a thong… Just because I prefer to have actually a an excellent time and shake my ass doesn’t typical that i don’t have actually class.” but it does average she’s a poet and she doesn’t even wear underwear know it.

A of the ladies’ male counterparts are lugged to the stage so the Todd have the right to beef v Phaedra, chris can display Porsha that having course often doesn’t actually have actually much to execute with the shaking of one’s ass, and also Matt deserve to stare blankly into the distance right into a consistently unnerving way. Peter…wears a turtleneck.

Bob and also Gregg room not there, so I’m not particularly interested in the husbands’ segment, yet I did appreciate Chris’ denouncement that Kenya dispersing mathematically inaccurate rumors about his sexuality there is no being completely insulting in the process. Though all of the other women discover it hilarious come insinuate that chris is effeminate and therefore more than likely gay, and also though Kenya proceeds to insist her “they speak to him Chrissie” comments were aboveboard, kris gets the heat of the night: “I have a most gay friends…and somebody’s sexuality has actually nothing to do with your character. And I just want them at house to understand that ns love lock dearly and I’m sorry for exactly how this has influenced them.” Kenya isn’t sorry…ever…about anything…even ~ a scolding from Andy about her “crappy apology” attempt.

But hey, Kenya and Chris/Kim — lock were never going to be friends. Kandi and Phaedra, top top the various other hand, currently that’s a tragic friendship demise that us simply have to accept and move front with. Possibly we must stop pretending the these two could ever get back to the means they were. Phaedra and also Todd have actually argued about one too numerous zeros one too countless times to have the ability to just go earlier to gift besties. And also tonight’s pond in the coffin to be Kandi admitting the she wonder if it can have to be Phaedra that dubbed the Feds top top them. And even though it turned out that they likely showed up because special agents in reality watch Watch What wake up Live, too, Phaedra states Kandi reasoning she would possibly put her with that kind of situation that she’s already had come go with with Apollo tells her every she requirements to know about the state of their relationship. Now, if only Bravo would certainly listen.

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And finally, the surprise we didn’t understand was coming (seriously, this wasn’t in any type of reunion previ2175forals.coms, was it?), however we additionally sort the everything about. That was stated that Bravo had video footage that Porsha physical attacking her employee Jami, and also I assumption: v Bravo chose to contact everyone’s bluff and also just placed that sucker top top air. And also frankly — it to be pretty chilling. Made every the much more so by the fact that Porsha to be wearing a barely over there snowman suit while she chased Jami under an alley and also took her to the ground as Jami screamed because that Porsha to get off the her. After Andy roll the clip, Porsha defines that there had been a certain level the disrespect v Jami, “and open minded it just escalated.” and also then Andy explains that this is the 3rd time something choose that has “just escalated” since Porsha has actually been ~ above the show and also that’s…kind of a problem.

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Not a fireable offense, of food (what is this, The genuine World?), yet it is sufficient to knife a tiny criticism indigenous NeNe, who claims she, of all people, understands gift ripped apart and criticized, “but as long as you sit below in front of the camera, you’re walk to be judged,” and also she can’t just go about harming world she feel disrespected by. Porsha asks, “Didn’t girlfriend choke somebody?” Semantics, claims NeNe: “Have you seen me choke somebody?” and also she has a point: Porsha has three awful, violent fights recorded on camera for anyone come see. Including herself — her tipping allude with Jami was sufficient to to convince her that she essential counseling for she anger. That counseling hasn’t to be quite enough to convince Porsha that her rage is the problem, not other people’s disrespect, yet — to speak it with me now — she’s a work-related in progress.

For part reason, Andy asks Phaedra come close united state out through some optimistic affirmation, and boy go she ever: “All of united state on this stage, we have these vast opportunities to be great. Friend afford us the ability to be checked out by millions of human being every week, and at the end of the day, no issue what happens, we influence people. For this reason we have to use that strength wisely. We space winners, and also if we store on this journey, we will obtain to the finish of it…successfully.”

We really room the winners. Thanks as constantly for reading and also watching along with me this season. All ns ask is that you leaving the numerous fruitful ways that The actual Hous2175forals.comives that Atlanta have actually “influenced” you over the critical eight seasons. Have they supplied their power wisely? and finally, one needs to wonder: will we ever really get come the end of this journey? Sound off in the comments!