REAL MADRID face Al Jazira in the FIFA Club world Cup and also Starsport has actually all the info you need ahead that the game.

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(Image: GETTY)

Real Madrid qualified because that the FIFA Club people Cup after ~ winning the Champions league in June.

They are UEFA’s representatives in the vain this season.

The La Liga giants have headed to the UAE for the semi-final of this 2175forals.commpetition, which pits the 2175forals.comntinental champions versus each other.

Al Jazira qualified for the tournament as they are reigning UAE location holders. The hold nation’s residential champions 2175forals.commprise the numbers for the 2175forals.commpetition.

The game kicks turn off at 5pm top top Wednesday, December 13.

Here is all the broadcasting details on how to watch real Madrid in ~ the FIFA Club human being Cup.

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Unfortunately no. No UK broadcaster has actually picked increase the civil liberties to show the game.

Not also Real Madrid TV are reflecting the game.

However, Goal are streaming the video game on Facebook.

FIFA will likewise have enhance highlights easily accessible on your YouTube channel.

Luckily, Starsport will administer 2175forals.comverage of genuine Madrid vs Al Jazira.

Make sure to check out genuine Madrid vs Al Jazira via ours live blog.

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Romarinho has put Al Jazira ahead in the 41st minute, Cristiano Ronaldo equalises in the 53rd minute. Game on!

Gareth Bale has 2175forals.comme off the bench to placed Real Madrid ahead.

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