Fame FarmingI have uncovered that the_doomgiver ~ above Wild zero forums developed a really nice Fame farming Guide. I very recommend this because that those that simply want to gain fame fast for leveling their pets. I have actually used a an extremely similar an approach and it functions well. See his Fame agriculture guide. I made decision to run a Rogue making use of Doomgiver"s guide. First I produced a brand-new character, to reduce the weapon, the cloak and also the HP pot. Friend don"t want to mistakenly drink the pot due to the fact that that would damage your Thirsty bonus. Then ns equipped some protective items such together Hippo and the Expo. Ns would have actually used a ParaDEF or ParaHP ring if I had them. I was as well lazy to buy them. :)Do you have actually a heal pet? If so far better equip that together well. It will be a huge help. Climate I saw Euwest 2 and joined a call train. You need to be really cautious in this train. Continue to be in the middle for safety, other human being will take any hits acting as your meat shield, providing the shots aren"t piercing. Evade Dodge Dodge, if you get too hurt climate nexus or you will certainly be beginning over.Watch till you get approximately 220 to 240 fame due to the fact that at that point the accumulation of fame yes, really starts to slow down. Now inspect your muledump to make certain that you have something comparable to the rogue in the #1 picture below. I have actually 240 base fame. Ns only have to kill one god, 1 shooting for all my accuracy bonuses. In my #2 picture I go out and also killed the dorn god, i did not acquire the god kill since I killed a Djinn (blue spring dude) i m sorry blows increase denying her God Kill. I never knew that it would certainly be denied. I confirm the muledump and it confirmed that i did not get the kill but did obtain the accuracy bonuses. Ns went earlier and eliminated a White Demon. You have the right to see on my #3 picture I have been forgive the God Kill and my accuracy gained a little bit worse due to the fact that I to be dodging various other gods shots yet I did managed to keep my sniper accuracy so all is quiet good.You have the right to see top top #4 picture that i then equipped a Bone Dagger for 2%, coat of Twilight for 3%, Hippogriff armor for 3% and also Experimental ring for 4% to do my Well fitted bonus better. As you can see the went indigenous 46 to 79 points. Muledump shows that ns will obtain 740 fame once dead.Leave your pet in the pet yard, then an extremely carefully making certain you don"t usage your ability or fire a shot gain to someplace that will certainly kill your character. Enjoy the prize of 740 fame. Now go feed that pet.The whole process took me around 40 minutes. If you end up being really skilled at this you deserve to do it much faster.

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Reasons to farm yard fameSome of you desire to understand why you must farm fame. There room a few that i beg your pardon I will certainly list below. To acquire the White Star and be prefer Bluenoser (see subject below). This job is made just a bit easier with the regime Muledump. Bragging rights, getting your items or other character come the height 100, or top 10 or even better. Farming fame is a reliable and somewhat safe means to perform this.Pets pet Pets - If you space a cheap bastard choose me then you room going to be utilizing fame come feed your pets and fame come upgrade your pet yard. Tips on farming FameTo acquire fame at a much faster rate as soon as in Godlands, hit the gods v a group of people, provides sense right? The an ext people in the team fighting, the quicker the call comes. The beautiful thing is, as long as you are in a group that is shoot at god you don"t have to fire a shot come accumulate fame.The reputation train is basically a big group of people that fights together in Godlands. The an ext people in the group going through Godlands in a typical direction the much faster you accumulate her fame. There are some servers such together AsiaEast, EUNorth and EUWest2 wherein players actively create God Trains while many of the other servers God Trains nearly never type and generally its just a big group that last for a short time.If you desire to get fame at a really fast price seek out God Trains. Start announcing God Trains in the kingdom you space in as soon as there is a team of human being fighting in Godlands. Once world start seeing the term"Fame Train Here" girlfriend will discover that many an ext people will shot to develop them or sign up with them.I have acquired much more than 100 reputation in around an hour through a very large group of people. Walk solo you might get a 3rd of the if you room lucky.The cheat is to uncover the group and stay in the group. If you space a Priest, Necromancer, Paladin or Warrior then use your ability to assist the group live. The an ext people shooting and killing monsters really adds come the fame you space receiving. I have uncovered that a Paladins capacity is finest used in ~ the former of the team to heal and also buff attack. The warriors will buff for Attack. Necromancers can help clear the Gods and also with their ability keep the prior of the team healthy. Priests should concentrate on maintaining the group healthy and also alive.Always pay attention to make sure that you and some that the people about did not break-up off native the key group. Certain you space still killing god but since you room not in the larger team you space not gaining the maximum lot of Fame that you might be. TP back to the main group.When in a train farming fame, it is essential that the train stay in Godlands and try resist the urge to execute the dungeons that drop native the Gods. The more people that do dungeons the slow the fame for the people that remain with the train.Farming fame deserve to be danger if you space not city hall what is going on. I have actually seen 20 or 30 people die as soon as they came upon 2 or 3 Medusa"s that fired their blood bomb right into the group.Other reasons to join a call TrainI choose doing the mad Labs because of the really nice equipment you deserve to get. The trouble is they don"t fall as regularly as I like on the servers I usually play on. The systems to the drop trouble is authorized a reputation train. Friend will check out Mad Labs drop pretty regular. Then a bunch of civilization will get in the lab and also rush it. Make certain you teleport to the boss in time to obtain your heart bound in. It is my experience that a high number of eggs drop indigenous the Gods as the fame train tears through godlands. I constantly get several eggs, never the ones i want but lots.Get the White Star and be choose BluenoserThe very first question you need to answer is how many personalities slots perform you want to finally finish up with on your key account? If the prize is just one due to the fact that you don"t want to spend genuine money climate you have one more choice. What is the character you want to start with and what is the last character that you want to finish with?If the price is more than 1 personality slot climate you really have actually the same choices as over but i beg your pardon 2 personalities are girlfriend going to finish up with once you finally get the white star?If you room planing to have all the personality slots active then the only selection is merely which to begin with.When I decided to go for my white star, ns had currently been play for about 4 or 5 month so the was no planned and also I currently had around 40 stars.Planning your quest for the white star have the right to make a many things simpler unless you setup to end up through all your characters at 2000 basic fame.You may want to gain the White star as fast as feasible and trust me it have the right to be done reasonably quickly. Easily is a family member term here. If friend play 2 or 3 hours a work it will take you perhaps 2 months if friend are dedicated to her white star quest.Every class has 5 class Quests which translate into 5 stars per class. To obtain the 5 stars you have to reach 2000 call on the class.Holy crap room you saying the I have to acquire 2000 reputation on every of the 14 class to obtain my white star? You are a fracking idiot! No, that is not the instance fortunately.You did review the link over on call Bonuses right? If not read it now due to the fact that you need to know it.When you die your character gets every the accomplishments he achieved calculated together Fame Bonus. This could take a character that has 450 basic fame before he dies and also give that 800 call after that dies.You need to see what accomplishments you desire to acquire watch castle stack using Muledump. Muledump will display the basic fame and also the calculation fame for every accomplishment you get and also what the last fame is if you dice at that moment.For Example: One one of the last personalities I played on my search for the white starBefore I died I had actually 903 basic fame. ~ I passed away I had actually 2090 reputation which it s okay me the 5 Stars.Check the end the accomplishments that gained in Muledump then inspect the reputation Bonus page over to see just how to get those achievements.In the example over I started with 903 base fame and also got over 2000. I had a trickster that i suicided through 801 fame and got end 2000 call after the bonuses to be calculated. The reduced your base fame is when trying to at some point get 2000 reputation after a suicide is much harder to do.

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Ok that"s all fine and great but i still have to obtain over 900 fame and also that"s walk to take it time. that is true, no matter how you part it, acquiring 900 fame will certainly take time even if you room fame farming.Just before you suicide, you need to reload her Muledump and also check to make certain that you will certainly die through the ideal amount the fame. Making transforms to your tools or also shooting something have the right to make huge changes to the call you finish up withNow you space on the roadway to her White Star, great luck. I played for about 6 months before I gained my White Star because it was no planned, and also I really just tried fame farming on the last 3 characters.I to be betting that you deserve to do that faster.