Revolution bring Reform and also Terror chapter 7 section 2Main ideas The revolutionary federal government of France made revolutionary but also used terror and also violence to maintain power. Some governments that absence the assistance of a majority of their world still use are afraid to control their citizens.Introduction Peasants, nobles and church officers all feel the an excellent Fear. Peasants started attacking the upper classes’ houses. Right prior to the in march on Versailles, part nobles and also clergy members responded with a late night meeting.The Assembly revolutionary France August 4, 1789 – noblemen declare your love because that liberty and also equality. Joined v members of the nationwide Assembly to move away their privileges end the third Estate. By morning the Old program was dead.The legal rights of guy A couple of weeks later, a record is drafted reflecting the ideals comparable to the DOI. Known as the declaration of civil liberties of Man and also of the Citizen, it stated that “men space born and also remain free and equal in rights”. Take on “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” together their slogan.A State-Controlled Church  Many the the beforehand reforms focused on the Church. The assembly took over Church lands and declared the Church officials were to be elected and also paid as state officials. The Church shed both the land and political independence. Proceeds from the revenue would help France pay off its debt.Alarmed Peasants Peasants were devout Catholics and were alert by the assembly’s actions. Mix Church and State offended them.Louis Tries to Escape    Due come the new relationship in between church and state, louis XVI pondered his fate as a monarch. He was warned he and also his family were in danger. They attempt to escape come the Austrian Netherlands. They were caught and also returned to Paris. This upset the radicals and also sealed his fate.A restricted Monarchy Louis reluctantly authorized the new constitution in 1791. It called for a limited constitutional monarchy. It produced a new legislative body, the legislative Assembly. Create laws and approve/decline declarations of war. King has actually power to enforce laws.Emigres and Sans-Culottes Emigres – want to restore the Old regimen NoblesSans-Culottes – wanted also greater changes. Workers and little shop keepers.France at war After a few months the war v Austria and Prussia, the legislative branch Assembly set aside the constitution and also dissolved itself. A new governing body, national Convention, arose.   Abolished the monarchy. Declared France a republic. Provided men the ideal to vote.Jacobins Take manage    Jacobin society – radical political organization Jean-Paul Marat – prominent Jacobin  dubbed for death to every those who assistance the king. Nationwide Convention was guided through Jacobins. Asserted Louis XVI a common citizen and prisoner. Tried him because that treason. That met the guillotine ~ above January 21, 1793.War continues National Convention likewise has to deal with Austria and Prussia. To reinforce the army, the Jacobins begin a draft. 300,000 citizens between 18-40. Included women.Army flourished to 800,000 people.Robespierre Assumes manage   Maximilien Robespierre, a Jacobin, acquired power. Wiped the end France’s past. Changed the calendar – 12 months, 30 days and also renamed each.  No Sundays  faith was outdated and dangerous. Closed all churches in Paris. Trend ongoing throughout France.Robespierre   Became the leader that the Committee of public Safety. Administrate France as a dictator. Came to be known together the regime of Terror. Make the efforts “enemies” in the morning, guillotined in the afternoon. About 40,000 world died throughout the reign of Terror.End the Terror Members the the nationwide Convention turned versus Robespierre. Lock demanded his arrest and execution.

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He, too, met the guillotine (July 28, 1794).New government  Two-house legislative Executive human body of 5 men – catalog  ModeratesThey returned order come France. Uncovered a basic to command France’s militaries – Napoleon Bonaparte.