The following chapter of Ronda Rousey"s tour of supremacy through mixed martial arts proceeds Saturday night in Australia, as soon as she deals with Holly Holm in the main occasion of UFC 193.

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Friday"s weigh-in to be nothing close come cordial in between the two bantamweight stars, that traded pushes, shoves and also some selection words soon after lock both properly weighed in in ~ 134 pounds. That only sets the phase for what must be an additional memorable fight.

Let"s take a closer look into every little thing to understand for Rousey-Holm, together with predictions for the bout.

UFC 193 Main occasion Info
DateLocationStart Time (ET)Live Stream
Saturday, Nov. 14Etihad stadium (Melbourne, Australia)Preliminary card (UFC fight Pass): 6:15 p.m.; Preliminary map (FS1): 8 p.m.; key Card (PPV): 10 p.m.UFC hit Pass; (Subscription Required)

Rousey vs. Holm Preview and Prediction

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Rousey and Holm perform not favor each other.

Can friend tell? If friend saw any type of bit of Friday"s weigh-in extravaganza native Melbourne, you"re likely conscious of this.

Take a look in ~ the moment the 2 shared throughout weigh-ins, with UFC chairman Dana White having actually to prevent them indigenous duking it out best there:

Monster power

Well the escalated quickly! Tensions space high as
RondaRousey prepares to step into the
ufc octagon for #UFC193

Most of Rousey"s fights throughout she UFC career haven"t had fireworks favor this in the weigh-ins. That would seem to suggest a bit much more is ~ above the line 보다 usual, and also Holm"s career says that together well.

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Rousey speak up her enemy shortly ~ the fight to be announced, offering Holm props together the toughest striker she"s ever faced, per"s Brett Okamoto:

"She"s the most decorated striker we have in all of mixed martial arts," Rousey said of Holm. "Definitely my biggest difficulty to date. I"m supervisor excited about it."

Rousey later on added: "She"s no the mean chick I would certainly fight. She"s the finest striker I"ve ever before fought, and also striking is something i learned much later in mine career."

Rousey may have never confronted a fighter quite choose Holm. But neither Holm no one the rest of the UFC has ever before seen anyone quite like Rousey.

She wins every time she steps into the Octagon, and she generally does so prior to the folks at home have the right to get cleared up into their seats. If you miss out on the opening 30 seconds, you"ve likely missed all there is come see.

Take a look at what Rousey has actually done in MMA, which contains 11 of 12 victories coming in the an initial round, per ESPN Stats & Info:

ESPN Stats & info

Ronda Rousey has made quite a surname for herself because making she MMA debut in 2011Her job by the numbers:

Holm, and every other woman ~ above the roster, has actually heard nothing other than just how Rousey has finished fights within the very first minute. The 34-year-old Holm has the poise and mentality important to avoid that. 

But she doesn"t have sufficient to prevent the inevitable—which is another Rousey win in the very first round. Holm will obtain too nearby after developing herself early, and also Rousey will take advantage, submitting her through ease to win her 13th hit in as plenty of appearances.

Prediction: Rousey wins via first-round submission.

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