Richard Dreyfuss is an American producer, screenwriter, and also actor who is most known for his work in movies from the 1970s and 1980s. The gibbs is known for depicting average people who have been thrust to their limits emotionally. The actor to be born in the joined States, in Brooklyn. Richard’s paternal ancestors to be Jewish immigrant from Austria-Hungary. In every project, the actor offers his finest performance.

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American Graffiti, Jaws, was standing by Me, nearby Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Down, and also many other movies featured the actor. So, exactly how well-versed in Richard Dreyfuss room you? If not much else, we’ve collated every little thing you must know about Richard Dreyfuss’s network worth in 2021, consisting of his age, height, weight, wife, children, biography, and personal information. Thus, if you’re ready, here’s all us know about Richard Dreyfuss for this reason far.

Table the Bio/Wiki

Net Worth, Salary, and also Earnings that Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss’ net worth is $6 million as of 2021. In Encinitas, California, that purchased a $1.5 million home. Richard has been in a variety of Hollywood blockbusters. Richard receive royalties native the novels together well. We didn’t have the actor’s fairy information.

Early Life and Biography

Norman Dreyfus and Geraldine to be the producer on October 29, 1947. Richard’s father operated as one attorney. He additionally owned a restaurant and a plastic business. His mommy was a campaigner because that peace. At the age of 21, the actor’s father abandoned him. Stephen thrived up in Queens’ Bayside neighborhood. The gibbs is a devout follower of the Jewish faith. Richard’s parents relocated to Los Angeles, California, when he was nine year old, before spending part time in Europe.

Age, Height, Weight, and also Body Dimensions

So, how old is Richard Dreyfuss in 2021, and also how tall and also how hefty is he? Richard Dreyfuss, that was born ~ above October 29, 1947, is 73 year old as of today’s date, respectable 5, 2021. Regardless of his elevation of 5′ 4′′ in feet and inches and also 162.6 centimeter in centimetres, that weighs roughly 160 pounds and 73 kilograms.


Beverly Hills High institution was wherein he perfect high school. Richard spent one year at California State University.

Dating, girlfriends, wife, and also kids

Richard Dreyfuss through Wife Svetlana Erokhin (Source: society media)

Richard married for the very first time in 1980 come producer and also writer Jeramie Rain. Emily, Benjamin, and also Harry space the name of the couple’s 3 children. Richard and also Jeramie’s larger kid had a rare genetic eye disease that brought about him to shed his vision in his left eye. The couple divorced in 1995. The actor married Janelle Lacey for the 2nd time, and the pair split in 2005. In his documentary Stephen Fry: The secret Life that the Manic Depressive, Richard questioned his battle with bipolar disorder. In 2006, the producer married Russian-born Svetlana Erokhin because that the third time. San Diego, California is whereby the pair phone call home. They frequently travel to new York and London. In to compare to various other actors such as Robert Shaw, invoice Murray, and also Oliver Stone, the actor stands apart.

A professional Life

The Shady side Of Richard Dreyfuss(Source: Nicki Swift)

At very early age, he began attending exhilaration classes at temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills arts Centre and Westside Jewish neighborhood Centre. Bill Miller, a drama teacher, instructs him. At the age of fifteen, the actor made his tv debut in Mama’s House. The actor operated as a clerk in a Los Angeles hospital. Richard appeared in illustration of Peyton Place, Gidget, that Girl, Gunsmoke, Bewitched, The Ghost, and also Mrs. Muir, among others. Richard functioned on Broadway and also in Improvisational Theatre in the 1960s and 1970s.

On march 17, 1972, the producer worked on Edwin Sherin’s film the moment of her Life in Los Angeles. Richard made his exhilaration debut in The Graduate, but his part is uncredited. In the film, that just had actually one line. The singer was a member of sink of the Dolls in 1967. After four years, the actor landed a duty in Catch-22, a CBS pilot. He operated on the well-known film American Graffiti in 1973. Richard had his very first leading part in the Canadian film The Apprenticeship the Duddy Kravitz. Adhering to that, he appears in two blockbuster films: Jaws and also Close meet of the third Kind. Pauline Kael, a movie critic, commended the producer’s exhilaration abilities. In the film The goodbye Girl, he played a struggling performer. The actor started using cocaine in 1978 and also proclaimed his graduation in 1982. ~ his Mercedes-Benz collided through a tree, the actor visited rehab. After undergoing rehab, the actor starred in the movie Down and also Out in Beverly Hills in 1986. In the film stand by Me, the made a cameo appearance. The starred alongside invoice Murray in the comedy What around Bob? in 1991. The gibbs took component in the historic Papal Concert to Remember the Holocaust. Richard play Max Bickford in the tv drama The education and learning of Max in 2002.

In the survivor’s movie Poseidon, the actor play the terrific part of the gay architect. In George W. Bush’s story W, the producer played penis Cheney, and in the horror thriller Piranha 3D, he played Matt Hooper. He was consisted of in the movie Lincoln’s best Speech. In a miniseries, Richard play Bernie Madoff. The first episode that the series was exit on February 3, 2016. He started working on The critical Laugh in 2017, and also it was released ~ above January 11, 2019. The noble The two Georges, co-authored through the writer and also Harry Turtledove, was released.


In 1974, the actor obtained a golden Globe compensation nomination. Because that his function in good-bye Girl, he got BAFTA Awards, LA Film movie critics Association Awards, Academy Awards, and also a gold Globe. In 2015, he got a Saturn Award because that his power in the dark comedy Weeds.

Some exciting Facts of Richard Dreyfuss

Steven Spielberg is a frequent collaborator that the actor.His low-pitched nasal voice is well-known.The actor is honored v a star top top the Hollywood walk of Fame.Richard was named one of empire (UK) magazine’s peak 100 Movie Stars of all Time.

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Richard Dreyfuss is a well-known Hollywood actor. He has remained in a variety of films and also television reflects as an actor. The artist is frequently embroiled in controversies.

Facts that Richard Dreyfuss

Real Name/Full NameRichard Stephan Dreyfuss
Nick Name/Celebrated Name:Richard Dreyfuss
Birth Place:Brooklyn, new York, joined States
Date that Birth/Birthday:29 October 1947
Age/How Old:73 year old
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 162.6 cmIn Feet and also Inches – 5′ 4″
Weight:In Kilograms – 73 KgIn Pounds – 160 lbs
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Grey
Parents Name:Father – Norman DreyfussMother – Geraldine Dreyfuss
Siblings:Lorin Dreyfuss
School:Beverly Hills High School
College:California State University
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse Name:Svetlana Erokhin
Kids/Children Name:Emily Dreyfuss, bother Dreyfuss and Ben Dreyfuss
Profession:Actor and also Writer
Net Worth:$6 million