The “Lock-N-Load” Moto Transport device securely holds your motocross cycle in your trailer there is no the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. The takes an substantial amount of push off that the fork seals during transit, and it frees up valuable an are allowing the transfer of more motorcycles or gear. Additionally, the Lock-N-Load can conveniently be eliminated from the trailer floor through unscrewing the 4 ignorance screws leaving only the low profile mounting plates. Each plate has a “D” ring for additional anchor points on her trailer floor.

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Rotate the knobs into the lock position and also simply roll or ride your bike right into the trailer until your foot pegs hit the open jaws the the Lock-N-Load.

Then step on the top jaws and they will automatically lock right into place.

For additional safety, insert the fastened locking pins prior to transport. You deserve to replace the locking pins v pad locks for included security and a theft deterrent.

To relax your bike, just rotate the knobs right into the relax position and step ~ above the height jaws.

This will automatically release the jaws and totally free your motorcycle.


Available in two Sizes


Designed come fit most complete SiZE MX bikes(or bikes with similar geometry)*see specifications for dimension guide



Designed come fit most 85cc MX bikes(or bikes with comparable geometry)*see specifications for dimension guide



Saves her fork seals

No much more straps or wheel chocks

Load an ext bikes and also gear in your truck, van or trailer

Quick release from the trailer floor

Extra trailer key are accessible (Sold Separately)

TRUCK PLATES obtainable for mounting in trucks (Sold Separately)

What"s Included

Lock-N-LoadAvailable in 2 sizes
1x Pair Trailer Platesplus mounting hardware


Extra Trailer PlatesShop
Truck Bed Adapter PlatesShop
Lock-N-LoadModel# 77849Size: 20” x 10” x 18” (50.8cm x 25.4cm x 45.7cm)Weight: 20lb (9.1kg)1 year warranty

Designed to fit most complete SIZE MX bikes(or bikes with comparable geometry)

Lock-N-Load JUNIORModel# 00204Size: 20” x 10” x 16” (50.8cm x 25.4cm x 40.6cm)Weight: 19lb (8.6kg)1 year warranty

Designed come fit many 85cc MX bikes(or bikes with similar geometry)

How to measure her bike

To appropriately measure her bike, questioning for help to host your bike perfect vertical and also use 2 tape steps at the same time to measure up footpeg height. Make certain both measurements are the same. Feel free to contact us if girlfriend have any bike specific questions. Select your desired size in the online store as soon as ordering.

The jaws room fairly large and us have uncovered that they will fit many oversized or rotating aftermarket foot pegs on the market.

Original Lock-N-Load Demo Video
Transport your MX cycle in a truck

Is the bike secure without tie-downs or wheel chocks?Yes, the bike is an extremely secure and also stable as you drive down the road. The prior tire might move a little from left to right, but is normally held in location by the rake the the suspension. If girlfriend do discover movement the the prior tire, it will certainly not impact the defense of the bike.

Can i leave mine bike clamped in the Lock-N-Load overnight without damages to mine suspension?Yes, the Lock-N-Load is designed to put minimal press on her suspension. The bike sit at less than pre-load height and also distributes the pressure to both front and rear suspension.

Why have the right to I wiggle the cycle a small bit once I shake the take care of bars or press on the seat?The Lock-N-Load is draft to organize your cycle securely as you travel down the road. Once being transported, all the forces on the bike come native the trailer floor and are transferred straight to the tires and foot pegs, no the bars or the seat. You deserve to see native the videos virtual that the bicycle travels really securely when held in this manor.

Can ns mount bikes close in addition to the Lock-N-Load? Yes, in fact you have the right to mount castle right next to each other, shroud to shroud. In a usual toy hauler, or broad body trailer, you have the right to mount 4 bikes vast by contempt staggering the handlebars as shown in the photo above. Girlfriend can likewise mount them fairly close to the trailer wall.

Will mine bike right in the Lock-N-Load?We now have two sizes of Lock-N-Loads (The Lock-N-Load and also The Lock-N-Load JUNIOR). The Lock-N-Load is designed to fit full SIZE MX BIKES, or bikes with comparable geometry (Foot peg broad from tip to tip: 18”-20” (455mm-510mm), foot peg height: 15”-17.5” (380mm-445mm)). The Lock-N-Load JUNIOR is designed to fit 85cc MX BIKES, or bikes with comparable geometry (Foot peg broad from tip to tip: 18“-20”(455mm-510mm), foot peg height: 12.5”-14.75” (320mm-375mm)). A last note: regularly trail bikes there is no a folding shift lever will not fit.

Can ns mount the Lock-N-Load in the bed of mine truck?Yes, we have actually a truck bed accessory plate the spans the corrugation of her truck bed and mounts the Lock-N-Load in the bed the a truck. This eliminates the require for a brace on the front of your truck bed to prevent the prior of the bed native bending. You can likewise stagger the mounting and also easily placed three bikes in a typical truck bed without placing one in backwards. Additionally, the Lock-N-Load is fast release from the truck bed leaving just the short profile mounting plates so you can still use your truck as a truck! (Truck Bed Adapter bowl MFG#:77879 - purchase here)

will certainly the Lock-N-Load job-related with my 2-stroke?Yes, yet the big collector area of your 2-stroke exhaust may be an obstacle. Simply reduced a jaw once loading the bicycle or simply put the bike in backwards. That will work either way.

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Why execute the mounting plates have D-Rings?The D-Rings have nothing to execute with the Lock-N-Load. They are simply there as secondary tie-down ar for other items you might have. The low-profile mounting plates are mounted to your trailer floor for this reason they might too be one more functional part of her trailer.