—Has a thick and an effective frame (6"3", 319 lbs) from optimal to bottom and also can eat an are when that plays with leverage.

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—Solid beat strength and also can it is in disruptive when he come under control with powerful and well-timed strikes.

—Bright player that holds one degree from Auburn and also was functioning on a second.


—A heavy-footed mover through plodding procedures who will battle to adapt his playing layout to contemporary NFL speed.

—His pad level is a significant concern and will leave him acquisition a ride right into linebackers" laps when he"s double-teamed.

—Flexibility and also mobility in his ankles, knees, hips and lower back are minimal and reason his pad level come rise. They likewise lead come an i can not qualify to drop his weight and also maintain gap manage at the line of scrimmage.

—Gets laser-focused on immediate tasks and also doesn"t show the spatial awareness or play rate to stack out and redirect come ball-carriers.


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Dontavius Russell is a powerful, space-eating sleep tackle with suffer in a daunting conference. Unfortunately, he"s coming right into the league about 10 years too late. The doesn"t have actually the speed or pass-rushing prowess that teams want indigenous interior protective linemen, and also he"ll battle to earn snaps without boosting his pad level. A insignificant on a exercise squad to focus on mobility would enhance his game immensely.

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GRADE: 5.60 (ROUND 5 — back-up CALIBER)

PRO COMPARISON: Shamar Stephen

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