Interview: Sam Claflin top top 'Pirates that the Caribbean: ~ above Stranger Tides' Sam Claflin talks about his role in "Pirates that the Caribbean: top top Stranger Tides", working with Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush and "you know...being a man."


When Sam Claflin gained a speak to from his certified dealer saying the he had actually an audition because that the brand-new Pirates that the Caribbean film, his initial response was "What"s the point? It"s never going come happen, it"s impossible." The actor was both shocked and also deeply gratified once he in fact discovered himself paris to Los Angeles to meet director plunder Marshall and producer Jerry Bruckheimer simply two work later. Claflin eventually won the function of Philip, the missionary who falls for a mermaid, in Pirates the the Caribbean: ~ above Stranger Tides.

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Philip and his counterpart, the mermaid Syrena (Astrid Beges-Frisbey), offer (in some ways) to develop the b-love-storyline that Orlando Bloom"s will Turner and also Keira Knightley"s Elizabeth Swann noted in the an initial film. They additionally propel the plot forward, and co-create what is among the an ext interesting dynamics in the film.

We had actually the opportunity to speak v Claflin about his On Stranger Tides role at the Los Angeles press day because that the film. (You can see our our earlier piece ~ above what audiences have the right to expect indigenous Claflin"s Prince Charming in Snow White and also the Huntsmen HERE.)

In our interview with Captain Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush, the actor stated that every Pirates film has a cliffhanger ending. On Stranger Tides has approximately three cliffhanger end (which we will certainly not damn here). We will say that the conclusion that had the audience buzzing the many at the screening we attended had actually to do with the Philip and also Syrena storyline.

In the course of ours conversation v Claflin, us asked the actor what he thought of his mysterious end, and what that hoped and also believed it expected for the future the his personality in the Pirates franchise.

“I cant tell friend really," Claflin responded. "It"s hard, I"m open up to brand-new ideas. I"ve got literally no idea, no one"s sort of spoken to me around it. Clear the writers stated to me, "what perform you think happened?" and I"ve obtained so countless sort of potential options. What I’d love to have happen,” the gibbs quipped, “is that Philip i do not care a mercenary, and starts killing loads of people, just to readjust the character up a bit. But it"s yes, really left really open-ended, and it"s remarkable that so many human being have inquiry the same question.”

"I quite choose the facet of surprise," Claflin continued, "and as much as I have my ideas, I constantly appreciate concepts that come indigenous other civilization as well, and also I love the an enig of not knowing. The interesting thing is that i didn"t really have actually anything to carry out with developing this character. The only thing I had actually to perform with this is that ns auditioned because that it and got the part. Johnny actually had a huge component in producing the personality of Philip, along with all the writers. I was really blessed to have an impressive journey to play in this. Finger crossed if over there is another journey the it"s as exciting and also enjoyable as this one."

As to one more journey, Claflin is optioned for three an ext films with Disney, however he jokingly acknowledged, "that can potentially be one more "Pirates" under the line if this one goes down well and another script sort of it s okay written with me involved, however at the exact same time it might be "High institution Musical 7" or whatever."

Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey in Pirates the the Caribbean ~ above Stranger Tides
transparent the course of our interview, Claflin continually emphasize a deep feeling of gratitude come have had actually the possibility to work with the actors and also filmmakers behind Pirates. He and also his companion in crime Astrid Berges-Frisbey (Syrena) shared what he explains as, "lots that high-fives and screaming behind closed doors."

"Every time we checked out a brand-new set," Claflin continued, "every time us met a new character...You kind of need to pinch yourself. It was impressive to go with that v somebody else who is in the very same boat.”

We appreciate that pun top top the last quote.

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On working v veteran actors such as Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Ian Mcshane and also Penelope Cruz, Claflin reflected that:

Johnny Depp together Jack Sparrow in Pirates the the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides
all signs show that Claflin"s training, charm, humor and also talent are currently paying off in spades. In addition to his function in one this summer"s largest franchise offerings, he has (as mentioned) been cast versus Kristen Stewart as Prince Charming in Snow White and also the Huntsmen, and against the dude himself, Jeff Bridges, in The Seventh boy (though production has been delay on that film). That looks at despite we will certainly be see a lot much more from this grounded and also witty Brit in the years to come.