Who us Are

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is an international, non-profit conservation organization with 2 front doors: the mountain Diego Zoo and also the san Diego Zoo Safari Park. We incorporate wildlife health and also care, science, and also education to develop sustainable conservation solutions.

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Our Mission

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is committed to conserving species worldwide by uniting our specialization in animal care and also conservation science with our dedication to motivating passion because that nature.




Our Logo

With our new name comes a new logo, which represents a history of achievement and san Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance"s future together a force for conservation.




The Lion

Represents our establishing of ours “World Famous” zoo, an ext than a century ago.

The Rhino

Represents the symbol of our “No location Like the on Earth” Safari Park.

The Bird

Not only highlights our groundbreaking job-related to conserve the California condor, and the begin of our commitment come conservation, but additionally our continuing efforts to save other threatened birds such together the ’Alalā and also African penguin.




Our Name

Our organization, previously named mountain Diego Zoo Global, is relocating in a brand-new direction and also evolving into an alliance: san Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

Moving forward, we will certainly amplify our affect by prioritizing partnerships, transdisciplinary solutions, and the interconnectedness that people and nature, in order to it is in the most efficient wildlife conservation company for the world.

The mountain Diego Zoo and also the mountain Diego Zoo Safari Park do our mission, conservation work, and also partnerships possible. In turn, our conservation work around the people demonstrates the prestige and impact of saving wildlife, and also provides powerful stories come share with our audience at the Zoo and Safari Park. The synergy in between our work-related at home and also in the field will create new alliances and also empower activity on behalf of wildlife in unequaled ways.




Our Values


We nurture alliances with diverse teams, peers, partners, and also communities to expand and also deepen our impact. 


Together we pioneer new ideas and also approaches to ensure the permanent health and survival of wildlife. 


We share our passion for nature to rise understanding, empathy, advocacy, and activity for wildlife. 


When we collaborate, innovate, and inspire. We assist people and wildlife grow together for a healthy and balanced planet.


Our Work

Building alliances to Thrive

Working collaboratively with our cursed partners, we contribute to larger, an international initiatives the aim to reclaim biodiversity and also amplify ours impact. We construct strategies that more the equitable and also sustainable monitoring of the biodiversity ~ above which so many lives depend. We seek to inspire our members, visitors, and also donors to sign up with us in cultivating a civilization where all life thrives. With respecting and valuing our interconnectedness, together we can make lasting change.




Implementing Full-spectrum conservation Solutions

Today"s most pressing chauffeurs of biodiversity loss include climate change, invasive species, habitat degradation, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife trafficking, and emerging diseases. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance seeks to address and carry out solutions for these difficulties through our technique to conservation.

We carry out full-spectrum conservation strategies that space collaborative, innovative, and also multidisciplinary. We want to enhance the an abilities and capacity of ours local community partners, so that in the long term they stay independent, and are much stronger as result of our partnership. Our will is to companion with the neighborhood community, re-publishing learnings, and further develop skills and expertise—so that communities, and wildlife that shares the ecosystems, thrive. We use a "One Health" approach to ours conservation work, recognizing the the health and wellness of humans, animals, plants, and also the setting are inextricably linked and dependent on biodiversity and functional ecosystems. We protect and restore wildlife populaces by implementing evidence-based options to attend to the problems leading to the ns of biodiversity approximately the world. We have an experienced team of conservation scientists, nutritionists, veterinarians, wildlife treatment specialists, and educators that innovate come solve also the toughest preservation challenges.


Strengthening Connections in between People and Nature

Conservation is an initial about people. Due to the fact that 1916, us have produced enduring connections between people and wildlife, and our appointment to the mission is stronger than ever. We think that a strong connection to nature is basic to saving the world"s wildlife. We look for to promote empathy and also inspire civilization in methods that will cultivate a shared appreciation for nature and urge individual action on behalf of wildlife. We empower members and guests to support for policies and initiatives that support responsible collective activity to safeguard the environment for wildlife and people.



Our worldwide Conservation Hubs

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance spent an ext than a year evaluating our strengths and also identifying where and also how best to emphasis our efforts. We landed on eight conservation hubs located approximately the globe that will anchor ours conservation work, driving an ext strategic outcomes for wildlife in these regions. These hubs represent areas where we are currently most invested, and therefore hope to have actually the biggest return ~ above mission and also vision. The hubs promote synergy and also collaboration among internal and also external partners and also stakeholders. Ours hubs will help us develop on existing partnerships and collaborations, and also have greater impact in a region.


Our Partners

We occupational with number of hundred organizations roughly the people that share our conservation goals and also philosophy. They represent a broad selection of government, nonprofit, corporate, private, and academic organizations and local communities to attain our common mission of saving wildlife. Nurturing these partnerships deepens our influence within our eight preservation hubs. These hubs assist us construct on currently partnerships and collaborations, and permit us to have greater affect in a region. Together we look towards the future, conservation of wildlife counts on functioning in close teamwork with partner with different backgrounds and ethnicities from approximately the world, and right here at home. That diversity is what provides our conservation work so impactful.

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Our Most essential Allies

Above all, ours most essential ally is YOU. Each time girlfriend visit the mountain Diego Zoo and Safari Park, donate to a project, purchase an item from us, or re-publishing what girlfriend know around wildlife and also conservation, you have a positive impact on wildlife and assist us achieve our mission. Your participation in conservation advocacy and citizen scientific research programs provides a difference for wildlife and also helps construct a world where all have the right to thrive. Stay connected to us by involvement the Alliance, visiting us online, and following us on social media. Thank you for being our partner in building a better future!



Video Credits: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance would prefer to thank the partners who participation make this video possible including Arizona Game and also Fish Department, CONANP, OVIS - Organización Vida Silvestre, A.C., Cesar Australia, Giraffe preservation Foundation, Mexican government in participation with ENDESU, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Robbie Labanowski, Sacramento Zoo, SANCCOB, Kelli Porterfield, science for Wildlife, Giraffe conservation Foundation, north Rangelands Trust, Kenya Wildlife Services, and also USFWS.