Conservation that Marine foundation Species: discovering from native Oyster repair from California to British Columbia

This 2021 write-up which appeared in Estuaries and Coasts provides a synthesis of native oyster restoration projects carried out from California, USA, to British Columbia, Canada.

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In the confront of climate change, knowledge trajectories of change is an essential for coastal management, specifically for identifying future restoration opportunities. Over there is therefore an urgent require both in individual national Estuarine research study Reserves (NERRs) and throughout the national system to determine the extent and spatial fads of estuarine habitat loss. Through engaging all 29 make reservation from throughout the country in a habitat-change analysis, this task will to mark differing trends among regions and also estuarine habitat types.

Translating Sediment research study in mountain Francisco only NERR right into Management references for improving Marsh Habitat Resilience

In san Francisco Bay, salt marshes room under impending threat from not just sea-level rise but also diminishing sediment supply.

These four case studies give examples of four finest practices for problem management in collaborative science. Castle were developed as part of the Resilience Dialogues project to re-superstructure lessons learned about effective teamwork from within the national Estuarine study Reserve System.

This curriculum was occurred as component of a 2018 scientific research Transfer task to share understanding and lessons learned about managing problem in cooperation science.

Thin-layer placement (TLP) is one emergent climate adaptation strategy that mimics organic deposition processes in tidal marshes by adding a little amount that sediment on height of swamp in bespeak to keep elevation relative to sea level rise. A 2017-2020 collaborative research project in ~ eight national Estuarine research Reserves ~ above the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coasts conducted a coordinated field experiment to examine the performance of TLP across diverse estuarine problems including various regions, tree communities, and marsh elevations.

This advisory committee charter, emerged for a National Estuarine research study Reserve project to evaluate a thin-layer placement as a strategy for marsh resilience, offers an example for engaging varied end customers in collaborative research.

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This story map and K-12 task invites students to explore coastal marsh vulnerability come sea level rise and a collaborative experiment to enhance marsh resilience in ~ the Chesapeake Bay national Estuarine study Reserve in Virginia.