Charlie (George Newbern) urges Olivia (Kerry Washington) to inspire her crew come keep in search of a lacking and injured Huck in the latest episode of "Scandal."

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It's a race versus the clock when Olivia and OPA's investigation into the conspiracy puts one of their very own in grave danger on "Scandal." The illustration "Dead in the Water" to be interrupted double for live coverage of president Trump's armed forces strike on Syria, yet it was still possible to follow the activity and we got to watch the final scene. Here's a recap:

The activity picks up instantly after Huck's girlfriend Meg shooting him and killed Tipster Jennifer in a hotel room. We now understand that Meg is an operative working v a wide-ranging conspiracy that killed Frankie Vargas, and has Olivia under surveillance.

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Huck wakes increase in a auto trunk and also realizes that dead Jennifer is next to him. Meg pushes the auto over a cliff and also into a lake. In a practiced sequence, Huck hallucinates the he is in the OPA workplaces where Olivia and also the others assist him think of a method to obtain out of the car. He's able to totally free himself and also swim come shore, yet there's no aid in sight.

Quinn and Charlie find Meg in her apartment, dyeing her short hair blonde. Quinn tortures Meg by cut off her fingers to discover Huck's whereabouts. Things get graphic and bloody. Hope nobody was eating dinner while watching this episode. Meg enrages Quinn and also Quinn kills her without getting any information. Olivia yells at Quinn for ruining their critical lead, and also Jake declares the Huck is most likely dead.

Abby concerns see Olivia, who has uncovered the truth that Abby has actually conspired through the huge Baddies and is responsible for placing Huck in danger. Olivia slaps Abby three times; Abby begs for forgiveness. "Don't call me you're the only one who gets forgiven," Abby claims to Olivia. As soon as Abby admits she can't help find Huck, Olivia retorts, "Then you're worthless." Olivia assignment Abby to stay at the OPA workplaces so that Quinn have the right to deal the end punishment come Abby - and also Olivia won't shot to hold Quinn back.

Back at the lake, Huck fishes Jennifer's dead body out of the water, then collapses. That seems prefer a useless thing to do, but ago at OPA, the team realizes that Jennifer is more than likely with Huck. Jake had actually placed a tracer top top Jennifer's cell phone, and that enables Jake and Olivia to uncover a half-dead Huck.

At the hospital, a medical professional says the Huck is stable, but might suffer brain damage due to blood loss. Fitz mirrors up to console Olivia. They embrace and re-publishing a private, soft moment. It's to be so long because they've been together! however things remain strictly in the girlfriend zone. Fitz claims that Abby told the everything around Frankie Vargas' murder and the big Baddies, and that Olivia requirements to forgive Abby. "I execute not need to forgive her," Olivia snarls.

Quinn is at Huck's bedside, berating him for walking right into danger and also being one idiot. "I'll never forgive you if girlfriend die!" Quinn tells the unconscious Huck. Together the song "Let it Be" theatre on the show's soundtrack, Huck opens up his eyes. Quinn lies down beside him and also holds his hand. Aww. Charlie look at this and wonders if his fiance Quinn is really in love with Huck.

Olivia sits down alongside Abby on a bench outside the hospital. Together Abby cries miserably, Olivia takes her hand.

Next week is "Scandal's" 100th episode, and also the previews promised miscellaneous special. Don't miss out on it!

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