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Get up the end your seat, you have the right to have my drink, permit me see you danceGet increase off your feet, you have the right to be mine freak, let me see you jamWhen the sunlight falls, climate the moon lights, could be a hell the a nightGo, go, go, go...Shit"s real and I just begun, so countless ladies wanna share mine tongueUh, man this life the mine, me in the lead being pressed for timeSo the bottle gon" pop, climate my record gon" spinThen lock hoes gon" jock, ain"t no telling just how my night might endNight life in the glowing lights, swagging difficult in my ConcordsYou at the bottom, we the height Dawgs, we get high together them elevatorsTake a sip through me, now move your hips through me, currently make that dip because that meNow will you ride for me? will you dice for me?Will friend jump turn off a cliff and also hit the skies with me?Uh, ménage á troìs, four titties, no bras and no flawsYou, me, and her ball with no drawers, obtain high with a God ns am no starFeeling good, all this money on my financial institution card10 cool in mine pocket, nigga, every oursPorsche Panamera, uh, yeah, 4 doorsPedal come the floor, ain"t the what it"s do for?I ain"t minding if the people stopsSaid ns ain"t minding if the civilization stops, us been life up in Hell"s shopWe to be living increase in Hell"s shopSo I"ma live it to the top notch, for this reason I"ma take it it come the height notchI ain"t running if the human being stopsSaid i ain"t minding if the civilization stops, we been living up in Hell"s shopWe to be living up in Hell"s shopSo I’ma live it come the height notch, fuck v meUh, gained the whole human being tryna number out QYou deserve to never discover a nigga perform what ns do, tde, I"m the nigga from the crewHit it one time, currently she wanting round twoGhetto chick, but I love them bamboosNo lean, but I chopped and screwedShe desire a groovy type, bucket cap dudeChampagne pop, I"m about that life, molly gon" pop, I"m around that lifeBackwood toke, I"m around that life, living good, might not psychic this nightWorld might end, for this reason I"m living my lifeFuck hanging out, i ain"t tryna fly kitesTryna go to Paris? Nigga struggle me on the SkypeTryna do a show? Nigga twenty because that the hypeUh, don"t touch me, bitch, I"m famous, tryna party and also bang my fingersLiving large, I"m one entertainer, therefore cold but I come with flamersFirst s**, she increase in mine closet, whips drawers while I peak depositsGirl allow me view you stop and pause it, posesthe around, can pay her mortage