Last week’s illustration shifted the focus a bit by having actually Eric and Cornell split the hour’s suggest of But one thing that continues to be the exact same is Eric’s search for the truth. And, ~ tonight, he might have discovered out more than he initially hoped to.

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When Eric goes into the office the morning ~ his confrontation v Danny, he find a guy named note Peterson (Larry Poindexter) in the lobby. Apparently, Mark has actually no idea Kate to be murdered and claims come have had actually a meeting v her about, err, “investments.” That’s funny, because as Eric kindly points out, Kate didn’t take care of investments. What’s also interesting is how conveniently Mark skated away after Eric revealed Kate was dead.

Patrick does some digging and also finds Mark’s driver’s license and address. Eric, gift Eric, decides to do a house call to ask that a couple of questions. That’s when he discovers mark is married to Belinda (Romy Rosemont), a.k.a. The suspicious woman watched in defense footage native the party on the night Kate to be murdered. Eric inquiries her, questioning what she to be doing in ~ the office and, that course, if she had anything to carry out with Kate’s death. Belinda denies it but reveals she and also Mark embraced Charlie, the infant Kate offered away once she to be 16. Kate got to out come Belinda due to the fact that she wanted to fulfill Charlie, however Belinda didn’t want Kate anywhere near him. The two had actually lunch at a diner once she usually told Kate come stay far away from her son. However as she point out out, that doesn’t typical she eliminated Kate — if Eric wants the proof, he have the right to just examine the defense footage.



But let’s hold on come that little bundle of expertise for just a second. As Eric makes his method to the door, Belinda defines that ~ hearing about Kate’s fatality in the n2175forals.coms and also finding the end she to be pregnant, she understands why Kate was so eager to meet Charlie: She couldn’t live v herself if she had an additional baby before making certain the one she offered away to be safe and also happy.

Enter: Charlie (Cody Longo). Charlie that Kate to be — and also he who Eric was, too. After getting a letter native the fostering agency and finding the end Kate wanted to satisfy him, Charlie did part digging the his own, which command him to Eric’s for sure — whereby he spotted the husband and wife leaving the building. Belinda adhered to Charlie there and also explained that she acquired so defensive in former of Kate since she experienced the method Charlie looked at her as soon as he an initial saw her. The scene basically ends through a most hugging and a the majority of tears…from the Peterson family and me.

Major Bryant’s (David James Elliott) ultimatum in critical week’s episode put Detective Cornell in a little of a bind. Because she offered Danny together an informant in spite of there being a warrant because that his arrest, she’s now being forced to either take it him right into custody or it is in suspended.

She manages to weasel her method out of selecting either one. As soon as she and also Detective Ralston (Brendon Hines) present up to Danny’s motel come arrest him, it looks like Danny controlled to GTFO before his coffee even got cold. Ralston accuses Cornell that tipping Danny off and only happen him along for the not successful arrest therefore she can have a witness to prove their feeble attempt to major Bryant. Cornell denies it pretty well, as it actually turns out to it is in the truth.

She briefly meets up v Danny later, informing him to go home and take the was standing in his narcotics trial before he continues searching for his daughter. She pretty lot dismisses him, claiming there’s not lot she have the right to do to assist him anymore. Because this is Danny we’re talking about, I have a strong feeling this isn’t walking to end well.

And speaking of things not finishing well, Cornell mirrors up to she ex-husband, Ethan Barrett’s (Jake Weber), house that night and has a pretty hostile conversation v her daughter, Jennifer (Cole Bernstein). Jennifer is a recovering drug addict, and also it looks choose her addiction placed a little bit of a strain on your mother-daughter relationship. As soon as Jennifer picks a fight with Cornell and teases her with information about Ethan’s girlfriend, Cornell taps out and also decides to simply leave.

Later, Ethan reflects up in ~ the police station as Cornell has a mini-outburst in front she coworkers. It turns out Cornell simply happens to it is in under a little an ext stress than usual — this particular day is the day her previous partner, Ivan Dale (Nigel Gibbs), was killed in the line of duty. In a flashback, the duo is watched canvassing because that a instance when an unknown person shoots Ivan with their door. Major Bryant later on says the while the situation is still gift investigated, Ivan was eliminated at a medicine house, and there was no way of learning who in reality pulled the trigger.

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After a nice heated conversation v Melanie — in i m sorry she both threatens and teases him about not knowing very much around Kate prior to her fatality — Eric asks might to it is in on the lookout because that a statement from a bank the firm doesn’t also do organization with. When she finds the statement, they uncover someone opened up up a heat of credit worth $12 million utilizing investor funds. The episode fades to black as Eric meets v a guy at the bank and discovers Patrick to be the one who opened up the account.May additionally uses the discovery of the bank statement to reveal to Eric that, in ~ one point, she overheard Neil and also Kate arguing after she caught him having actually sex in his office…with Melanie.Oh yeah, climate there’s the reality it was Melanie that erased the security footage.