From “Homeland” to “Downtown Abbey” come “The Hunger Games: recording Fire,” the “Sesame Street” team proceeds to turn well-known shows into educational programming.

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This is absolutely one that you wouldn’t think they would be able to parody, much much less make the an educational rhyming lesson.

Grouch-B-O, the network because that grouches everywhere, gift “True Mud,” a parody the the popular HBO display “True Blood.”

While “True Blood” isn’t precisely a family-friendly TV display with that is depictions of sex and also violence, this “Sesame Street” parody is certainly kid-friendly and hilarious.

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Blood-loving vampires are replaced with mud-loving grouches, and surprisingly, the opening credits space spot-on come the original, skipping past the adult content, that course.

The parody was released in respect of “True Blood’s” seventh and also final season, which began on June 22.


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