Seven in Heaven is a new Netflix fear movie with elements of Sci-Fi with an alternating reality plot. The movie was created by Universal and also Blumhouse and also quietly released on Netflix. This must tell you plenty!

Seven in Heaven is a new Netflix fear movie. Or rather, it’s noted as horror however has much more of a sci-fi plot v an alternating reality (or alternative universe, if girlfriend will) driver.

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The movie was developed by both Universal and also Blumhouse, i beg your pardon screams theatrical release. Instead, it was released quietly on Netflix. Not even a trailer had actually been created it.

This speaks volume and also when you clock Seven in Heaven, you establish why this an approach of release was chosen!

Alternative world as a plot device

Personally, i love the entirety “alternative reality” concept. And also honestly, it is pretty damn horrifying to uncover yourself in a different reality. All of sudden you don’t know who your friends are and even your family members behaves differently about you.

As such, it’s definitely a fear story. Unfortunately, the doesn’t really work that well in Seven in Heaven.

It beginning out with a nice interesting and engaging storyline, yet end up a complete mess. So lot is left unanswered and none of the main personalities are likable.

Not by the ending, anyway!


The finishing of Seven in Heaven explained

Watched Seven in Heaven and didn’t quite get the ending? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And also maybe part of the difficulty is the fact that the finishing is very underwhelming.

To define the ending of Seven in Heaven is come tear the movie apart. Some children (sometimes) endure traveling to an alternate reality when they spend seven minutes in a strange closet in ~ a closet. Why? that the f*ck knows!

Any point the movie may have had actually in the start is completely ruining by the editing. Or perhaps it’s the story itself. Why have to I care around the two key characters? They plainly don’t care around anyone yet themselves.

This alone ruins any feelings ns may have had about them return to their own reality. And the totality “real world” story of do the efforts to keep cops and parents the end of the party house? WTF is the point.

Who cares as soon as two personalities are trapped in an additional universe? Well, by the end, I don’t care!

Seven in Heaven or sex in 3 minutes

The movie had so much more potential than the end result shows. That feels favor someone just gave up and also figured “Let’s just acquire this movie out and also cut our losses!”. The script must have actually been much better than the end result. Otherwise, what’s the point.

I mean, the totality “3-minute sex scene” alone damaged everything that had been built up. Because that the record, over there isn’t in reality a sex scene that lasts 3 minutes. No, it’s an entire sexual conference (from being dressed to gaining their clothes ago on) that lasts all of three minutes.

“Was it good?” Uh… ns don’t even know exactly how to answer that. But the gist of that is certainly a resounding no!

How about that casting?

The movie was written and directed by Chris Eigeman, who I hope is much much better than this movie shows. That stars Travis Tope (Boardwalk Empire), and honestly, he’s in his mid 20’s and too old come be play a High college student. I felt trapped in the casting of Beverly Hills, 90210.

On the various other hand, Jacinda Barrett (from the excellent Netflix collection Bloodline) is pretty awesome as his mother. Throughout from Travis Tope, she looks also young to be his mom. Mostly, it just that she looks lot younger 보다 she is. How’s the for a Hollywood twist?!

There’s a 19 year age difference in between the two, therefore she could it is in his mom.

Also, you’ll get Gary Cole (Midnight Caller) in a vital supporting function and Haley Ramm (Light together a Feather) acting across Travis Tope. They’re the 2 “teenagers” the spend 7 minutes in a closet and also walk out into an alternative universe reality.

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The runtime is just roughly the 90-minute mark, so if you prefer the fear of weird alternate universes, then offer it a whirl. Just don’t mean too much.