brand-new Hip Hop Sh*#, Vol. 1  by Ca$h Out ft. Juicy J , Lil Boosie , Ty Dolla $ign , child Ink

Song · 1,771 dram · 4:35 · English

℗ 2014 Mike First

See me grabbin' on my toolyShe told me smack her on the bootyShe to speak I got too numerous hoesShe speak I got too plenty of showsBut she twerkin', but she twerkin'But she twerkin', yet she twerkin'But she twerkin', but she twerkin'But she twerkin', however she twerkin'Shawty gon' toss the pussy at me choose an alley-oopThere's part bitches in this club, but ain't no one as negative as youWith an ass as fat together yours, clock me make it thunder stormFlyer 보다 a G-6, which shawty come aboardYou deserve an award or a trophy, i ain't jokin'Looking at it native the front and also I deserve to see that ass pokin'Out her dressThirty minutes have you coming out your dressSpend a one night stand with me, do you readjust your addressGet the on the first night, baby, i ain't here to judgeSay you want that dope dick, I can be your plugWe can obtain it in this club, us can acquire it in the whipFirst friend gotta present them lips if you tryna acquire a tipIt's some large booty bitches in the building, ooh-weeThe means she clap her hands, the means she clap she bootyAnd I'm like "oh mine God Becky, look at she butt"Got dubbed the trashman ‘cause she acquired some junk in she trunkShe put that arch in her back, she started throwing the backYou recognize I'm watching the wiggle, ns let she grab on mine missileShe speak I'm fucking tonight, she allow me recognize it's officialThe means she sluprin' and twerkin' she might just obtain her a BirkinsGrabbing on that tooly, smackin' on the bootyI told her "twerk" she say "why" i say "why? due to the fact that I'm Boosie"I walked turn off in that club, go up and I approached herFirst she say i was a dog, currently she twerkin' up in my RoverSurfing up in my Rover, mirroring off prefer she claimed toShe ain't have to tell me smack her ass, ns smacked that ‘fore she called meGot too numerous hoes, I'm loaded, she twerk ~ above the pole so perfectSassy mouth every time she talk, however she present me that she precious itTwerkShe twerk it, she twerk, dropping the ass all the way to the dirtYou know she negative twerkin' it every in my pants, twerkin' it all in my shirtAww fuck, say she obtained a man, I'm favor "so what?"Toot it up for a actual one v a million, oh yeah (okay)I gained her on the D'UsseTold her pop that oochie coochie, smack her on the bootyDo it for the Vine, execute it because that the dissension signPull castle panties come the side, girl don't sighShe twerkin', walk ‘head, don't it is in nervousClub hot, it's the furnace, I understand your feet hurtin'In them heels, for this reason high, no lie for certainGet away from castle squares and also throw that in a circleSee me grabbing on the booty, mine goonies got the toolySaid it's child Ink, baby, that the posesthe is girlfriend confusing?Bust it, bust it, bust it under bust that bus next of the BendoUsed to be my old ho, currently she exhilaration brand newShawty indigenous the hood, tell from she tattooBoth sides go up, i just speak to her LamboLeft, right, l-left, appropriate I hit the Tina IkeShe autumn down and also twerk it and also now I check out the light