The fate of humankind rests top top Historia in a suspenseful illustration that brings Eren’s kidnapping and also the Reiss household drama to a head!


It’s likewise worth mentioning that this is the very first time that many of these characters (Sasha, Connie…) have killed other humans. This battle looks incredible, but the mental toll the it should take top top Levi’s team is additionally considerable. The episode doesn’t shy away from this darkness and shots will certainly linger top top the light leaving characters’ eyes as they accomplish their ends. Anyone is one of two people close to their breaking point out or just coming to be increasingly numb v battle. None of these world signed increase to come to be Scouts so they can kill other humans. 

“Wish” attributes an incredibly action-heavy an initial act, however it turns into a really poignant episode that’s all about characters who have actually eternally been supplied as pawns in other people’s games, yet are now finally trying to make their very own choices. This inspiring ide is reflect in Historia’s decision come go against her father’s wishes and also deny his setup to rotate her right into a brand-new powerful type of Titan. She decides to break the damaging cycle that’s to be a part of the Reiss bloodline because that generations. She will certainly not be his mindless weapon that destruction and also Historia rather chooses come align v Eren. This episode is an extremely much around reveling in Historia’s badassery.

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A few more details on the Reiss family’s sordid background come come light. Frieda Reiss was in regulate of a coveted capacity that might essentially wipe the end the Titans, only she no able to activate this skill prior to Eren’s dead killed her and claimed it for himself. Now the talent lies within Eren, however it’s true strength cannot be caused unless it comes in contact with the Reiss bloodline (sorry Kenny). Due to the fact that this mammoth ability is “wasted” ~ above Eren, Rod desires Historia to insurance claim it and finish off what Frieda couldn’t. What’s interesting here is the Historia does want to have actually control and also power, yet she wants to acquire it by she own method rather than offer her father any kind of satisfaction in ~ all. She have the right to do this by herself.

“Wish” traction the create on Historia’s key decision in the tensest way possible. The illustration generates some real anxiety in the climactic final minutes together Historia contemplates what come do. Up until this allude the audience likewise has no real indication whereby her allegiances yes, really lie, which makes the step even more suspenseful. The metamorphosis the she undergoes at the end positions her as a real wildcard that may also be more dangerous than her father. Furthermore, pole Reiss’ addendum that mankind is apparently supposed to be ruled by the Titans for some unknown reason complicates everything in a delicious way. Just when it seems like Attack on Titan’s larger backstory is ultimately clear, the throws a Titan-sized wrench into the machine.

With the clock currently ticking, Eren doesn’t shot to speak his way out that a grim fate, but rather takes duty for his father’s selfish actions and the twisted chain of occasions that has led them all here. The sees all of this as his fault and also while the accuracy of that is up for debate, Eren can not be an ext different than his father throughout this emotionally confession. It’s a pitiful screen that Historia even insults Eren over, however it’s a pivotal minute of accept for the character. Eren and also Historia both rebel against their “fates,” albeit in deeply different ways.

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“Wish” is a wonderful episode of Attack top top Titan that continues the outstanding run that this season is experiencing. The plot proceeds to advance in interesting ways and this installment also throws in a Titan in the many chaotic way possible. Attack on Titan is practically a third through the season and there’s already been a ton that’s taken place so far and also a very clear vision that what lies ahead. There space still wealth of mysteries and subterfuge that hang end these characters like a hefty fog, yet it’s interesting to see the display have such a passionate energy driving it front this year.

With a Titan showdown front and also center in the next installment, that looks prefer Kenny said it best: “This is gettin’ good.”

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