The story was about Joichiro’s love, for this reason there’s no need togo additional than that. I can’t be certain, yet it go feel favor a paralleladdress to the present timeline with Soma and also Erina. It’s different in state ofdirection, but anything is possible. An ext importantly, this does help Erina tounderstand an ext on life and relationship. I discover it funny just how she wished Nakirican be closer to Yukihira as soon as it comes to trusting. That can; it’s calledmarriage. Ahem. The starting point or check to her understanding comes appropriate awaywhen Azami, she father, returns through a shocking news.

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I have to admit, i didn’t think we will get much more of Asashiafter the main collection ended, however here the is in the last pieces of the story. Hegoes back to the graveyard to accomplish his mother; clarifying that his chapterisn’t exactly over. He has actually no direction come go; no future in sight. Her oldfriends, ns assume, to be there to accomplish her as well. Although Asashi doesn’t havegood memory through her, others imply she was damaged when she’s drunk. In otherwords, she wasn’t constantly bad till alcoholism kicks in. That aside, the realpoint to resolve the brand-new revelation: his father. It’s choose stepping into MauryShow; time to uncover out who the dad is. The answer: Azami.

I understand I acquired mixed-up v SNS (Shokugeki no Soma) and also SNK(Shingeki no Kyojin) a long time ago, yet now they’re more similar than Iremember. That knew half-sibling is a trend. Anyway, Azami to be messed up a longtime ago, and also before meeting with Mana, that knocked up v Asashi’s mother. Inshort, the critical arc to be the hidden attack on Titan’s last Arc. Joking aside(kind of), that was usually the Revenge that Azami, only it’s not him. Think asFriday the 13th component 2 Film. Now, that premise would have worked,but because of time constraint and also questionable planning, it never ever reach itspotential. I intend this pulled a Gundam seed plot twisted to prevent a pairingand just say, “They’re related.”

Anyway, the idea is Azami has actually really screwed up huge time; apoint the no return in a way. He wants to take the blame and go through Asashi tomake up because that his mistake. The would have been fine, but if he does together hewishes, climate what would certainly Erina discover from the story earlier? it would have beenlike last time, wherein Erina just let him disappeared. They got lucky ~ above findinghim, but now he’s around to walk away again. The course, she calls the a terribleperson, and also rightfully so. However, the follow-up action is funny butrelieving.

You deserve to say that Azami deserved the next part. Fairly leaveit v an insult, Erina smacks the hell the end of him. I like exactly how she did the witha “fierce” face of dominant. Instead of letting things go, she takes a standand deal with the difficulty her way. The idea the Asashi being connected is a test toher development; one that should prove her knowledge of Joichiro’s story.Mana nearly said that Erina is ~ above her means for a brighter future.

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It to be a quite chapter once all points considered. Theflashback to be sweet; served its component to present the origin. The last half wasmore of finish other lacking pieces the weren’t addressed before, starringAzami and also Asashi. Huh. Their surname is practically the same. All that’s left is Soma;wherever that is. Ns noticed Erina almost took the protagonist’s role in LeDessert, and I’m no complaining. I don’t recognize what the next and also final chapterholds, yet it will be the end. Interesting to keep in mind that it’s releasing beforethe creators’ visit to Crunchyroll Expo. Start gathering all the questions. Whoknows if the critical chapter would clear out some, but in due time. The dessert isalmost over.