Sing, v all the boy of glory

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Sing through All the Saints in Glory

Easy traditional Wedding Music for Organ

Sing v All the Saints

1 Sing through all the saints in glory, song the resurrection song! Death and sorrow, earth dark story, come the previous days belong. All about the clouds space breaking, quickly the storms that time candlestick cease; In god’s likeness we awaken, discovering everlasting peace.

2 O what glory, much exceeding All the eye has actually yet perceived! Holiest hearts, for ages pleading, never that complete joy conceived. God has actually promised, Christ prepares it, there on high our welcome waits.Ev’ry humble soul shares it; Christ has passed the eternal gates.

3 Life eternal! heav’n rejoices: Jesus stays who when was dead. Shout with joy, O deathless voices! boy of God, elevator up her head! Patriarchs from distant ages,Saints all longing for their heav"n,Prophets, psalmists, seers, and sages,All await the glory giv"n.

4 Life eternal! O what wonders Crowd on faith; what delight unknown, When, between earth"s closeup of the door thunders, Saints shall stand before the throne! Oh, to get in that glowing portal, check out that glowing firmament, Know, through you, O God immortal, Jesus Christ who you have actually sent!Source: command Me, overview Me (2nd ed.) #317

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Author: william J. Irons

Irons, wilhelm Josiah, D.D., child of Joseph Irons, was born in ~ Hoddesdon, Herts, Sep. 12, 1812, and educated at Queen"s College, Oxford (B.A. 1833, D.D. 1854), and took holy Orders 1835. In 1837 he became Incumbent the St. Peter"s, Walworth, and was consequently Vicar of Barkway, Incumbent the Brompton, Rector the Wadingham; and also in 1872, Rector the St. Mary-Woolnoth, formerly held by his father"s friend, john Newton. He was likewise Bampton Lecturer in 1870, and Prebendary of St. Paul"s Cathedral. He died June 18, 1883. Dr. Irons took a somewhat prominent part in the ecclesiastical controversies of his day, and published generally thereon in the type of Sermons, Letters, Pamphlets, &c. His necessary work, the Bampton Lectures, 1870, to be on Christi…Go to human being page >