Who would have guessed that Avril Lavigne would supply one of the 2013"s most incred­ible choruses?

Yet here we are, with "Here"s to Never growing Up", which has actually just showed up in full.

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We were huge fans that the songtitle as soon as we first saw the single artwork. Artists prefer Avril Lavigne are frequently stuck in pop"s perpetual teenager duty and "Here"s to Never cultivation Up" felt favor a slightly meta joke concerning Lavigne, as a singer, offering up on any kind of attempt come mature as an artist.

We love it even an ext now we"ve heard the song, i beg your pardon is not precisely light ~ above the track front.

And then, that course, there"s the Radiohead lyric.

"Singing Radiohead in ~ the height of our lungs, with the boombox blaring as we"re falling in love."

What a line.

It"s inter­est­ing just how that part of the track was delib­er­ately reduced from the brief video clip teaser Lavigne released earlier today, as if she and also her label knew all too well that this lyric was something worth holding ago for the ideal premiere, i m sorry even­tu­ally took place on Ryan Seacrest"s radio show.

It was a surprised worth keeping. It"s fas­cin­at­ing how, with the popular music of the 2010s, Radiohead"s music has end up being a key signifierfor a certain era in early-2000s us teen­ager­dom. Avril and also Katy Perry to be both about 16 once Radiohead exploded in America. Carry out you think Radiohead made an ext of an impres­sion ~ above teen society on the various other side of the Atlantic than they go on adoles­cents below in the UK? Actually execute you know what, who cares, we"re right here to talk around AVRIL LAVIGNE"S AMAZING brand-new SINGLE not Laughing boy Yorke. It"s a song around staying young forever, i m sorry isn"t the kind of point you yes, really think about when you"re actually young. It"s the kind of thing you just really think around once it"s also late; when you are, in fact, getting quite old.

So yes, really it"s a song that"s much more about growing up than it would favor to admit.As the title and artwork at first suggested, it"s a song about being trapped in body and psyche of a teenager long after your friends and also peers flourished up and moved on. Some listeners will most likely mis­in­ter­pret "Here"s to Never farming Up" as a teenager"s song but "Here"s To never Growing" increase is therefore bril­liantly tragic due to the fact that it is sung by someone who missed their oppor­tun­ity to thrive up, or wasn"t permitted to. Worst the all, they know it, and also really they hate the life they quiet lead. "We"ll it is in running under the street yelling "kiss mine ass", I"m favor "yeah, whatever, we"re still living choose that"."Still living like that? Fantastically dismal.

Here"s the tune in question. What a cracker.

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Apparently Chad Kroeger has actually a co-writing credit transaction on "Here"s come Never farming Up". We"re not really sure what to execute with this inform­a­tion, yet it"s good, in ~ least, to understand that that has ultimately chosen to use his powers because that good.