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Been a lengthy time lover of Femboys, Traps, and Sissies in adult games and also other places. "But the amount of games I enjoy in these scenes are exceptionally few and restricted, generally being more open up finished (Like exactly how CoC/TiTs is in that you can play as one however its not alluded to very a lot at all which is fine considering the raw amount of work Fen and also Co put in! #HopemoredomSyriscenesplz)I"ve played Trapsearch, Tales of Androgmy, Magical Camp, and also a couple of others I can"t remember the name of however I"m in search of more! I"m fine through any pairing really as long as the Trap is on the receiving side. Thanks for analysis and if you short article via a pointer say thanks to you extremely much for the help!

Tbelow are about two patreon sissy games no one bothers to store track of. The one named Sissy Maker about prepping a character for an eventual surgery to rerelocate the dick. The various other sissy game is turning literal men into cross-dressing males, I don"t understand the title.Besides that, there"s an influx of Sissy-themed games lately on that uses photos, which I despise personally. Tright here is the currently text-just Trap Life around ending up being even more feminine, however significant NPCs do not react negatively in any type of method, so the casual tone is that much harder to gain. Magical Camp unfortunately set a conventional for me that nopoint can reach, and also I"ve involved hate anything pertained to sissy content as an outcome.I"m still banking my really hopes on Lilith"s Throne as well.Edit: Sissy Maker, not Trainer

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All the finest ones are Japanese and also likewise untranslated (for the most part). That shelp visual novel reader and also a casual understanding of some widespread phrases are enough to acquire by so don"t let that streatment you off. - this one has an English translation and also is okayish. I favored that tbelow was a red and also a blue however the red was -named- blue. A few of the scenes on red"s side were good; blue"s not so a lot yet mainly because the MC wasn"t a convincing top so it just felt off. this one does not have a translation however the scenes are a lot even more detailed and also better in basic. All the Otoko no Ko Club ones tend to be at least decent. - haven"t also reached an actual sex scene here but I favor this one bereason it actually goes right into information via the boy learning to crossdress and also having actually it be an uplifting and exciting experience for him rather than degrading and also emasculating prefer all the American stuff, particularly all the trite sissy emasculation fetish stuff, tfinish to be.Really, just hunt roughly on vndb and try stuff out.