Brandy... Dark Child... Mase Kid Harlem on the rise Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on I went from Helly Hansons to mini-mansions The girls in Aruba doing belly-dancings Spent half of my advancing Jaws from Branson I make it through my circumstances But u know I'm wiser now Move like kaiser now Gotta b***er soft cover just to hide my pound Gotta house in the valley Come and find me now Got enough dough to buy the town So I might give a 6 to my chick Benz to my mom Crib so big it look like Sinigon Give a #

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just to spill my henny on And Benadon since Lados and Benat~ above Some people say that I'm not the same girl They say they think I'm in my own world What makes them think that I have changed A little dough cannot earse my problems Me like you I have to try and solve them Yes everything is quite the same I'm just trying to be me Doing what I gotta do Some people think that I'm just sittin' on top of the world
I wonder why it's often said my life's a fairy tale And everything if so right I wish that you could know the truth My life is real so please don't get it twisted Problems the same and gotta be dealt with These are the things I wish you knew Always in someone's eye so many questions why How is it to be down with me with me Afraid to express myself always me and someone else I need to be free but it's not that simple Don't understand why people Think I don't have friends Who knew me back when This was my dream nothing has changed I still do the same things Yo, you can stop cookin short if it ain't about cake I ain't sittin on top I want a house on a lake I'm that snooty nosed cat with a new Bm If you mess with Brandy I gotta bruise your chin I be with Puff the girls be like "Who's his friend?" If I hit a chick once you probarbly move me in So you gotta tell me right now Either you wit the cats that make the hits or the ones that see the chips But don't stop it What's the use fo buyin a weight if I'ma have to chop it I use the lots a lady till I learned the logics She only mess with Ma$e know the money not an object If it ain't crissy he won't pop it If it ain't platnium with ice he won't rock it If it don't cost 60 he don't drop it If it don't come with tv's he don't cop it u can stop it, yea yea yea what what what -Chorus- Brandy on top of the world Dark Child on top of the world Ma$e be on top of the world Harlem world be on top of the world Brandy on top of the world Dark Child be on top of the world M-A dollar sign-E all over the world' Brandy all over the world (2x) All over the world...
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Brandy feat. Mase Lyrics

Never Say Never (1998)

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"Top of the World" is a song by Brandy feat. Mase. It is track #6 from the album Never Say Never that was released in 1998. The duration of this song is 04:42.