VACCINE POLICYWith our return to live concerts and our meeting to creating safe events, every patrons will require to display proof of vaccination (must be 2 weeks past final dose) or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hrs from the moment of entry in addition to a federal government issued photograph ID. Evidence of vaccination have the right to only encompass a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination record Card, a clean photocopy or digital picture of the CDC card. Fans who have actually either (1) a clinical condition, or (2) a closely-held religious belief that prevents vaccination, deserve to still attend the concert by mirroring proof the a negative COVID-19 test performed in ~ the previous 72 hrs that matches the federal government issued photograph ID. Acquisition this action helps come ensure the security of our guests, staff, and also the artists, and also implementing this an easy measure minimizes risk and the spread of the virus. We encourage friend to get vaccinated if you have not already!


Following update guidance native the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) and also based on Chicago’s existing local COVID-19 data, the Chicago department of Public health and wellness (CDPH) is requiring that everyone age two or older, regardless of vaccination status, undertake masks in public at home settings, reliable Friday, respectable 20, 2021. A non-vented N95 mask or other well-fitted mask is strong recommended to carry out maximum protection. We will not enable a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, solitary layer the fabric, or any kind of mask that has an unfiltered one-way exhaust valve.

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An inherent risk the exposure to COVID-19 exist in any type of place where world gather. COVID-19 is very contagious an illness that can lead to significant illness and also death. Girlfriend assume every risks, hazards, and also dangers occurring from or relating in any method to the threat of contracting COVID-19 or any other communicable condition or illness, or a bacteria, virus or other pathogen capable of leading to a communicable disease or illness, whether occurring before, during, or after the event, however caused or contracted, and also voluntarily waive all claims and potential claims against Jam Productions, Ltd. And the Riviera Theatre (including Riviera entertainment Properties, LLC and Riviera Productions, Inc. ) relating to together risks.

*Policy is subject to adjust based top top the show. You re welcome check particular event pages for precise policy information.

ILLINOIS inhabitants THAT obtained THEIR vaccinations IN ILLINOIS

You can access an official copy of your vaccination records through the Illinois department of windy Health’s “vax validate” portal. This will take roughly 5 minutes and can be completed on a smartphone.

Type this link into her phone’s browser and follow the direction to register:


4746 N. Racine AvenueChicago, IL 60640

Located in Chicago’s historic Uptown theatre district, in ~ the intersection the Racine, Broadway, and Lawrence, the Riviera Theatre is a main part the Chicago’s past and also present.

Completed in 1917 through architects George and also C.W. Rapp (Rapp & Rapp), it was constructed as a movie theater for the Balaban & Katz chain. Transformed right into a exclusive nightclub in 1986, the Riviera Theatre is currently one the Chicago’s premier concert and special events venues.

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The Riviera has actually hosted plenty of of the world’s best performers and entertainers throughout the years and is also easily accessible for private functions. Its cool design and also beauty do it a perfect location for a variety of events.