Looking at average draft position, heather Cummings find 12 players who room being drafted far too so late in Sleepers 2.0


Rashad Jennings
NYG • RB • 23
2015 stats
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As famous as the fabled Zero-RB strategy has come to be I"m surprised that Jennings isn"t much more popular. You get to a allude in the 6th or seventh round wherein there space two beginning running backs left: Jennings and also Justin Forsett. Because that me it"s pretty obvious which one is more valuable.

breeze Prep overview

Jennings was moderately effective in 2015, yet his main fault was that he simply didn"t score touchdowns. I would expect the Giants offense to far much more successful, providing an ext opportunities for Jennings to score. The Giants have actually talked around giving Jennings a much more consistent workload, which would also aid his worth tremendously.

I don"t check out anyone ~ above this roster who is daunting Jennings for work beforehand in the year, for this reason 1,000 yards and also 6-8 touchdowns seems really possible. I"d feel confident drafting him in the direction of the end of the 6th round together a No. 3 RB, but if you start wide receiver heavy and he"s your starter, it isn"t the finish of the world.

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LeGarrette Blount
DET • RB • 29
2015 stats- 12 gamings
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Like Jennings, Blount lacks a specific level that upside, yet he"s additionally being severely underdrafted. Through a four-game lack to Tom Brady and also the injury to Dion Lewis, ns would intend Blount to check out a steady diet the work beforehand in the season. The won"t it is in a factor in the pass game and also he"s touchdown dependent, yet if you task his work-related from critical season over 16 gamings you"ll see just what a steal can be.

Blount averaged practically 10 FP/g in 2015, i m sorry would have placed that 15th critical season in standard scoring leagues. That"s a far better per video game average 보다 C.J. Anderson, Eddie Lacy, and Jennings. I don"t rank Blount close to that high, but we don"t really have a factor to suppose Blount"s touchdown number to regress. He"s a steal in ring 9.

Charles Sims
TB • RB • 34
2015 stats
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There space plenty that backups who can be sleepers if the starting running ago gets hurt. Sims is certainly one the them. The distinction with Sims is the he"s proven he can be a sleeper also when Doug boy name is healthy. Sims to be a to be a top-25 ago in 2015 despite Martin"s resurgence, and I wouldn"t intend his function to adjust this season. So because that a 10th-round pick, you"re getting a floor that"s an ext like eighth round v a ceiling the a borderline No. 1 back.

Willie Snead
LV • WR • 17
2015 stats
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In what to be a disappointing year because that rookie large receivers, Snead was a pleasant surprise. The Saints broad out came close to 1,000 and also definitely has actually room for development if he can just gain into the end zone a couple of times. The Saints have added pieces come the pass game, which has actually two effects. For one, groups won"t be able to double team Snead or Cooks any type of longer. The danger is the Snead is surpassed in the disseminate order yet I have actually a hard time believing he"ll see less than the 101 targets he experienced in 2015.

I view Snead as a borderline No. 3 vast receiver who is being drafted together a low-end No. 4. If drew Brees produces his common 4,800 yard season, there"s no reason to think Snead won"t be roughly 1,000 yards with 5-6 touchdowns.

Towards the finish of your typical draft

Vincent Jackson
TB • WR • 83
2015 stats - 10 games
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Jackson is among the holdovers from my very first version that sleepers at least partially since his ADP has gone backwards end the least pair of weeks. Jackson is currently being drafted in the 12th round together the 51st vast receiver turn off the board. I acquire that human being are looking for upside late in the draft and also generally think the young players once they think that upside. That"s not always the case.

If you"re expecting Jameis Winston to take a step forward in 2016, you have to think Jackson is a steal here. With Mike Evans acquisition attention ~ above the various other side the the field, i could very easily watch a 900-yard season through 60 catches and also 5-7 touchdowns. In the 12th ring that"s a ton of value.

Matthew Stafford
LAR • QB • 9
2015 stats
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Few players have moved up my rankings as Stafford has actually this preseason. Part of that is just how well he"s played, but more important is the points I"m hearing about the Lions offense. Jim Bob Cooter wants to play really fast and also the Lions desire to spread out the ball around to their trio the talented broad receivers. In the preseason, Stafford has actually looked exceptionally comfortable, particularly with new addition Marvin Jones. As Jamey Eisenberg has said throughout the offseason I"d mean Stafford to organization the NFL in pass attempts. If that"s the case, he has actually a chance to slide right into the optimal seven in the QB rankings.

Dwayne Allen
MIA • dare • 89
2015 stats- 13 gamings
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Allen"s 2015 stat line doesn"t inspire lot confidence, but the circumstances couldn"t be much different. Allen has an possibility to play 16 gamings with Andrew Luck and also without Coby Fleener for the an initial time in his career. The course, that would also be the very first time he played 16 games since his rookie year. There"s lot of of hazard here, yet the upside is the touchdown potential (eight in 13 games in 2014). This late in the draft, that"s a hazard that"s well worth the reward.

Mohamed Sanu
SF • WR • 6
2015 stats
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Sanu has topped 80 targets simply once in his career and also he finished through a 56-790-5 line as the No. 30 large receiver. In Atlanta he has actually an chance to collection career high in just about every category, yet especially in targets. The Falcons space desperate because that a 2nd option outside of Julio Jones, and Sanu is the just player ~ above the roster capable of filling that role.

I wouldn"t be shocked to watch Sanu create No. 3 WR numbers and also feel prefer he"s pretty much a lock to complete in the height 48 in ~ the position. He"s being drafted as the 67th vast receiver turn off the board.

Beyond pick 200

Tyler Boyd, WR, Bengals

One that the football player tasked through filling the void Sanu and Marvin Jones left in Cincinnati is rookie Tyler Boyd. Boyd has had actually an superior preseason, and much prefer Sanu the doesn"t face a most competition because that targets. Over there are major questions around Tyler Eifert"s early on season availability, and Brandon LaFell freshly suffered an injury as well. Boyd file much much better in PPR leagues, especially until Eifert is 100 percent. Boyd is the one player gift drafted in this range that I"d be happy to breeze in a typical league.

Robert Griffin III
BAL • QB • 3
2014 stats - 9 games
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Before you enter your upset comment, I"m not saying drafting Griffin III in a typical league. Clearly he" someone to save an eye over the first pair of weeks, but there"s means too lot risk to draft him as also a back-up in a one-QB league. Wherein I have consistently drafted Griffin is in two-QB leagues. He makes terrific third quarterback with the upside to start for you anytime he"s in the lineup.

My main hope is that the Browns deserve to keep their quarterback healthy. There is something exciting thinking around an offense in week 5 v Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Gary Barnidge, Terrelle Pryor and also Duke Johnson. Through that collection of weapons also an typical QB might be special.

Charles Clay
ARI • te • 85
2015 stats - 13 gamings
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We"re really gaining into the weeds here, v Clay"s ADP in the 21st round. I"d take it him much earlier than that, and think this is another example of a player gift overlooked because people don"t think the presents sufficient upside. I think in Clay"s quarterback, and with the means the bills offseason has actually gone, they may have to pass much more often 보다 in 2015. If Clay continues to be healthy, he has actually a chance to be Taylor"s 2nd favorite target with Sammy Watkins leaving the middle of the field vast open.

James White
NE • RB • 28
2015 stats -14 gamings
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James White played 14 gamings in 2015 yet he didn"t really come to be a major cog in the offense until Week 13. Native that suggest forward he to be the finest pass-catching back in the league. V Dion Lewis likely out for the an initial half the the season, White will look to pick up appropriate where the left off. His existing ADP is in the 22nd round, however that is basically irrelevant. It"s going to skyrocket. If you can acquire White any kind of time in the double-digit rounds, he can provide an excellent value in PPR league.

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