On “Sleeping with The One ns Love”, Fantasia showcases her love for her brand-new husband in this sultry and also feisty new single. She’s finally discovered true love and also wants to scream it out… review More 

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I'm resting with the one ns loveSaid I'm resting with the one i loveCause the one I'm with is an excellent to meHe just ain't great enough, oh, oh, ohI strive to perform right however I'm doing therefore wrongI'm living in this house however I can't contact it homeHe provides me what i want but it's no what i needMy psychic is informing me to stay however my heart wants to leaveSaid I'm sleeping, sleeping, resting with the one ns loveOh, due to the fact that the one I'm v is an excellent to meBut he just ain't good enough, ohYes, I've tried to shake that off, and I even tried to prayBut I'm tho waking up in a bed the don't belong come meSee he readily available me the Earth, however instead made decision spaceI found about the cost, yet it's a price I'm ready to payThat's why I'm sleeping, resting with the one ns loveThat's why I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping I'm sleepingSleeping with the one ns loveCause the one who's right here with me, he's good to meBut he just ain't great enoughMy love, my love, mine love

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See mine baby's prefer a dream yet the other man, that haunts meOne is below with me yet the other's obtained me whereby he desires meYes I gained a man, but I'm still feeling lonelyTell friend what I'm gonna doDo, do, doI'm sleeping, sleeping, oh, I'm resting with the one ns loveOh, because the one I'm with, he's good to meBut he ain't good enough, ohI tell you that I'm sleeping with (with the one ns love)I tell you that I'm sleeping with the one ns love(With the one i love)Every, every chance I get, i gotta have actually him, Lord(with the one i love)I don't typical to pains nobody's feelingsBut I'm... I'm informing you he's the one(With the one i love)Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sleeping(With the one ns love)Anybody, anybody ever before felt prefer this(With the one ns love)I'm resting (with the one ns love)Yes, I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping with the one(With the one ns love)Sleeping with the one(With the one ns love)I tell friend I'm sleeping(With the one i love)