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Shelly indigenous Ohio, Usa"Anthony Bravington from UkDear Suedeaunym. I"m afraid you simply don"t gain it. This tune was based on a true story and an extremely accurately worded, around a love triangle. Ns knew both the narrator and Rosemary and the straightforward story behind it."I"d love to know more about this fake information that has been given around this song.I have matter a fact information around the true track writer and the story behind this song!! first of all, this "song" was written by my grandmother as a poem to mine mother ago in 1968!! My mom then review it top top air to a radio station hosted by the "mojo man" in Toledo Oh. The radio terminal asked she to send the city to them because they love it therefore much. A year (give or take) later She heard the peom turned right into a tune on the radio with just the name in the lyrics adjusted to "Rose Marie". The initial poem to be written through the name "my Cheri" various other than the change, they kept the wording specific to mine grandmothers poem. It"s for this reason sad how they gained taken benefit of back then. It provides me sad the my grandma never received any credit for the track she IN fact wrote!!Love Nostalgia from NysSuedeaunym from Nawth Jawja,Do you discover that you battle to enjoy things, or simply that you enjoy seeking the negative? perhaps both? Relax. Art is a have fun of humanity. It"s a photo of a time and also place...a moment.Art records human feel - with every one of its strength and also beauty, and yes - also with that flaws.What would make arts "terrible" would certainly be dishonesty for the sake of some forced altruism. Take into consideration the raw beauty in the youthful naivete of a well-intentioned songwriter simply trying come cheer increase a upper heart friend...or even in the possibility of trying to steal she away.Ah, young love. Brina native Anytown, UsaInsert the surname of your favorite divine being as "he/him" in the song.It fits.Jennifur sun from RamonaDear Anthony was in Jr High when this come out. Deserve to not uncover out any kind of info about rest the the tape members, except Stuart Coleman. Do you recognize where the are now? save smilingAnthony Bravington native UkDear Suedeaunym. I"m afraid you simply don"t obtain it. This tune was based upon a true story and very accurately worded, around a love triangle. I knew both the narrator and also Rosemary and the an easy story behind it. I wont shot to describe it due to the fact that both are still well and truly alive and also kicking. Nobody of the band played because that Edyson Lighthouse however the song Love Grows wherein my Rosemary walk was composed by the same person who created this. Even if it is it was influenced by the very same Rosemary ns can"t say.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn September 28th 1969, "Smile A little Smile because that Me" by the Flying device entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart at place #66; and on November 16th, 1969 it peaked at #5 for 1 week and spent 14 weeks on the optimal 100...The group had one various other Top 100 record, "Baby make It Soon", it entered the graph on February 15th, 1970 in ~ #95 and also the complying with week it to be #87, climate it dropped off the top 100.Suedeaunym native Nawth JawjaWhat a destructive song, lyric-wise! The singer is asking Rosemarie come be an extremely emotionally unhealthy in managing her abandonment by her former, not to grieve, but to dismiss the feelings of pain and loss and also "smile a small smile." So, darling, dry her eyes,What"s the usage in cryin"?I know, darling, don"t it is in sad,Don"t allow those tears begin,He"s encouraging she to alienate herself from her feelings. If Rosemarie, had any sense, she"d phone call the guy to bugger off!Mark Spiller indigenous Virginia UsaGina, the "side B" on the 45 I have is "Maybe we"ve to be loving also long". Hope that helps.Gina native Tamaqua, PaCan anyone phone call me the name of the tune on "side B" of "Smile a tiny Smile..." top top the 45? ns remember play it accidentally as a teen and liked the even an ext than "Smile a tiny Smile" (although this was absolutely one of mine favorites, too), and it actually came to be a famous song ~ above the jukeboxes in hangouts in every one of the 4 towns that consisted of the school district i went to. However it"s driving me crazy since for years I have actually been trying to remember the song. If I just STILL had all those 45"s I had actually years ago! Thanks!Reg native Kemptville, On, -That"s an exciting connection. As soon as I experienced the words "The paris Machine" I thought of the movie "Shallow Hal" special "Love grow (Where my Rosemary Goes)". Ns didn"t even know the connection with Edison Lighthouse.see more comments
PhotographEd Sheeran

Ed Sheeran assumed he composed the x track "Photograph" on sixth Street in Denver, so he acquired a tattoo speak 6 ST. However when he went back it turned out the street was actually sixth Avenue.

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prevent Your SobbingPretenders

"Stop your Sobbing" was first recorded by The Kinks in 1964. It came to be the Pretenders first single 15 years later, causing a relationship between Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde.

We will certainly Rock YouQueen

There space no actual north on "We will Rock You," simply lots the foot stomping.

Izzo (H.O.V.A.)Jay-Z

"Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" refers to "Hova," i beg your pardon is what Jay-Z phone call his God Name. Jay-Hova, together in Jehovah.

Thinking around YouCalvin Harris

"Thinking about You" was the nine track native Calvin Harris" 18 month album to go into the UK singles optimal 10. No other artist has acquired so plenty of hits from one LP - Michael Jackson to be the previous document holder with seven peak 10 tunes from both his Bad and also Dangerous sets.

Live ForeverOasis

The Oasis track "Live Forever" was composed in solution to "I dislike Myself and I desire To Die" by Nirvana. "Kids don"t need to hear that nonsense," stated Noel Gallagher.

Grammar In LyricsMusic Quiz

Lyrics don"t constantly follow the rules of grammar. Have the right to you spot the ones that don"t?

Dr. JohnSongwriter Interviews

The an excellent doctor shares part candid insights top top recording with Phil Spector and also The black color Keys.

Graham ParkerSongwriter Interviews

When Judd Apatow necessary under-appreciated rockers because that his Knocked increase sequel, he immediately thought the Parker, who just happened come be acquiring his tape The Rumour earlier together.

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Jules Shear - "All with The Night"They"re playing My tune

Shears walk very little promotion, which has kept that secluded native the spotlight. What readjusted when Cyndi Lauper had actually a hit through his song? no much, really.

Sam PhillipsSongwriter Interviews

Collaborating through T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips adjusted her name and left her Christian label behind - Robert Plant, who recorded one of her song on raising Sand, is a fan.

Krishna DasSongwriter Interviews

The optimal chant artist in the western world, Krishna Das talks around how this Hindu mantras to compare to Christian praise songs.