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Brand new rookie here. And I can not find any type of info on exactly how old mine 39-2 is. Serial number A656***. Is over there a list whereby I deserve to look the up? many thanks guys.

Welcome to the forum!The 39-2 to be produced in between 1971-1982 and, follow to the Supica/Nahas catalog, the critical 39-2, serial number A747148, to be shippedfrom the manufacturing facility on 15 Feb 1983. The Appendices B, section 3 shows 39 serial number A655001- A745000 to be made in 1981.

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Welcome to the forum. Pics? us would prefer to see the 39-2. Great people and great people here.
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ArkieVol:I kinda wonder around the listed mfg time frame..............I bought mine 39-2 straight from a mail order police supply home located in Ohio in mid"s ser.# begins with A144... I"m certain that mine to be not held in stock by the co. Together the points were in somewhat sort it is provided then and also they notified me when it ended up being available.............................from 144... To 655 appears a hulluva lot of production in one year!!
I bought it in the mid ‘80s. (A brand-new side key is getting here today.) i’m hoping i don’t require a gunsmith after ns take that apart!