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Your girls room backKateCecilySasheerVanessaLeslieCameronAND her Lil' infant AidyWe're house for thanksgiving yallAnd our parental are real happy to check out usSo they're gonna act us choose queensThis might be their houseBut for the next four daysWe 'bout to run this bitchWalk in the door hand mine bag come the valetIn situation your wonder it's my daddyHead directly to the fridge like a boss, yoHell Yeah! My mommy went come CostcoIt ain't my house, yet I'll tear that upGet a plate real dirty won't clean that upThen ns roll up to the washer, laundry game on lockGonna perform a entirety load for just one sock
Cause I'm a back home ballerIf I want something I just hollerI perform what ns want, and I obtain what i wantCause my parents miss their daughter>This whole damn home is a shrine to meCause everybody here is obsessed through meMy second grade illustrations are framed favor PicassosIf i say, "Mom, tacos!" My mother will make tacosWe always see a movie yet it can't it is in RSo we cleared up on Penguins the MadagascarAnd as a pretty gesture ns bought all the ticketsPsych not a opportunity my dad freaking go itWhen my mom needs help, i pretend to it is in nappingEven despite I have the right to hear all that is happeningIt sounds prefer she yes, really needs help in the kitchenBut if she think I'm moving then the bitch be trippin'I'm a ago home ballerAnd Grandma states I look tallerThey wait top top me, like I'm sicklyThat's the life of a back home baller
, Kate>Taking the end the trash every my next-door neighbors spot meThey swarm around me choose my own paparaziTalking and also Stalking, castle can't get sufficient of meWondering, Questioning What's going on v me?So, what's going on v you?Uhh, the sameOkay Jean, byyyeOnce everyones in bed, i go insaneHeroine, Marijuana, Crack-CocaineAre not what i want, I want cheese on chipsAnd to put on some very old comb White StripsGetting totally free wifi prefer a dope ass hoeThe password starts v seventeen 0sThen b45ltngThen resources XThen 333Then 1458tdqAnd 314 and also wHold up! Yall don't also know pimpin' it is at my mom's houseThat bitch puts the end so many bowls of points for meIT'S INSANE!I'm approximately my ass inBowls, Bowls, all varieties of bowlsChips and also Mints and also Seashell bowlsMy mom's obtained bowls for e'rythigPotpourri and nuts and also e'rythingA bowl on the toilet, a bowl on the shelfA key of M&Ms, ns can aid myselfShe puts out these bowls because that meAnd any kind of bowl i like, I obtain for free

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Cause I'm a back home ballerIn pajamas that cost 10 dollarsTell my mom that ns love her an ext than any type of freaking otherThat's the life of a back home baller>Damn straight, yallLove you mom and dad, us outSee girlfriend in a month for Christmas, us doing this every again