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Hello, I need an appointment for a last name change on my social defense card. What files do i need?

I have been calling every various other day for an appointment and they said they would call me back. I missed a call and they never called back. ONE MONTH and this is just to get the appointment. I can't imagine if mine appointment will certainly be scheduled this year.

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No communication whatsoever. Don’t recommend this place and theirs just one v a populace of 300,000 people. Ridiculous, walk to a different ss office.

Long phone host time and nobody answers after ~ the call goes v to operator goes right into silent mode. Very disappointing phone call system.

I just moved to this area and also have used other ss workplaces I referred to as into cc office today and also was taken care of in 5 minutes person who took care of me to be polite and helpful

I referred to as this office due to the fact that I can not be issued a chauffeurs license. The surname on my social defense card go not have actually jr. That must enhance for me to obtain a chauffeurs license. The human being I spoke with claims that I need to send in my identification card. I need my to know card. When asked if there to be anything rather he didn't know and transferred me to a voice mail.. Great luck managing these folks they won't even schedule girlfriend an appointment.

about 6 weeks ago, I referred to as to set up an appointment to apply for survivor benefits. The soonest I was able to make an appointment, was Nov. 9 at 2 PM. No cite was made the this would be a phone interview, so ns took the afternoon turn off work and also drove to your office. Finding out the locked doors, ns called and also was told someone would be phoning me at my appointment time. Fifteen minutes after the schedule time, ns called back and was told the person I was schedule v was more than likely running lengthy with the customer before me. I never ever received a call.I will try phoning again.

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ive recently shed my social protection card. Ns trying to perform a inquiry online but for the ID picture it is no picking that up. So exactly how would i go about this? do i walk in human to acquire a brand-new card? or execute i have to setup one appointment?

I thought I signed up for Social Securtity however have not received anything in the mail. I need to sign up for Medicare also but i don"t have a card number which ns was told that I get after signing up because that social security.

I need to report some local calls I have actually been receiving claiming they room calling native the SS office and also I have actually not answered any type of of the calls i beg your pardon are neighborhood cellular numbers in body Christi area code 361 all numbers room 695-6678; 695-9070 and 695-7301. I have actually blocked every the calls and as soon as ns blocked the an initial one, lock all have actually been calling v a new number.

Good and Courteous Assistance and also Resources!!!!! I've never ever had any type of problems v receiving good service and great assistance. SSA workers are respectful and also Courteous v assisting people. They're professionals and persistent with assisting the people.