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"Someone to Watch over Me" is a 1926 tune composed by George Gershwin v 2175forals.com by Ira Gershwin. The was written for singer Gertrude Lawrence in the music Oh, Kay! (1926). Originally, "Someone come Watch end Me" was an up-tempo swing, however upon exploring one job George Gershwin played the track as a ballad, and it stuck ever since. The tune was videotaped by frank Sinatra in 1946, because that his first album The Voice Of frank Sinatra, and also again by him in 1954 for the movie Young in ~ Heart. the was later covered by numerous hundred artists, amongst others: Ella Fitzgerald (1951); Chet Baker (1955); Dakota Staton (1960); Barbra Streisand (1965); beam Charles (1969); Willie Nelson (1978); Linda Rondstadt (1983); and Rickie Lee Jones (2000). The 1987 romantic crime thriller film Someone come Watch over Me take away its surname from the song, i m sorry is featured throughout the movie in a variation sung by Sting. An episode of Star Trek: Voyager, someone to Watch end Me (Star Trek: Voyager), aired top top April 28, 1999, and also featured the tune throughout the episode.more »

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There"s a speak old says that love is blindStill we"re often told, "seek and also ye chandelier find"So I"m walk to look for a particular lad I"ve had actually in mindLooking everywhere, haven"t found him yetHe"s the huge affair i cannot forgetOnly male I ever think of v regretI"d choose to add his initial to my monogramTell me, whereby is the shepherd for this shed lamb?There"s a someone I"m longing come seeI hope the he turns out to beSomeone who"ll watch over meI"m a little lamb who"s shed in the woodI know I could constantly be goodSomeone who"ll watch end meAlthough he might not it is in the man someGirls think of as handsomeTo my heart he tote the keyWon"t you tell him you re welcome to placed on some speedFollow my lead, oh, just how I needSomeone come watch end me

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George Gershwin George Gershwin (September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937) was an American composer and pianist. Gershwin"s compositions covered both popular and also classical genres, and his most famous melodies are widely known.

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Amongst his finest known works are the orchestral compositions Rhapsody in Blue and also An American in Paris, and also the opera Porgy and Bess. An ext »