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"If ns Only had a Brain" (also "If ns Only had actually a Heart" and also "If i Only had the Nerve") is a track by Harold Arlen (music) and also Yip Harburg (2175forals.com). The tune is sung in the 1939 film The magician of Oz by the personality Scarecrow, play by ray Bolger, as soon as he meets Dorothy, played by Judy Garland. The characters pine around what each wants from the Wizard. It was additionally sung in Jeremy Sams and also Andrew Lloyd Webber"s 2011 musical adaptation with secondary reprise referred to as "If us Only had actually a Plan" once the personalities discuss on just how to rescue Dorothy in act II. originally written by Arlen and Harburg as "I"m Hanging On come You" for the 1937 Broadway musical Hooray because that What!, the track was at some point dropped from the show, and when the pair was later hired to do the songs because that Oz, Harburg just wrote brand-new 2175forals.com come the tune.more »

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I might while far the hoursConferrin" v the flowers,Consulting with the rain;And my head I"d be a scratchin"While my thoughts room busy hatchin"If i only had actually a brain.I"d unravel ev"ry riddle for my IndividdleIn trouble or in painWith the thoughts that you"ll it is in thinkin"You might be one more LincolnIf girlfriend only had actually a brain.Oh, I, might tell girlfriend why The oceans near the shoreI might think of things I"d neverThunk before,And climate I"d sit down and think part more.I would not be simply a muffin",My head all complete of stuffin",My heart all complete of pain;And possibly I"d deserve you and beEven worthy even youIf i only had a brain.

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