The first two pictures above are from the internet just to present detail. The last 2 pics space the really Coin the winner will certainly receive. George Washington boy of LibertyGeorge Washington American transformation Bicentennial Token/Medal. That is date 1972. Has actually a Mint mark of a “P” top top it. Roughly 1-1/2" in diameter .Made of Bronze, gold-toned. Come in a Coin Capsule – never taken the end of it's case. Any type of scratches or scrapes you see in the images are ~ above the coin case and not the coin itself. The front has actually the Bust the George Washington and has created American change Bicentennial. The ago reads, boy of Liberty join or Die. Medal is make of Bronze.Nice enhancement to any type of collection. Complimentary shipping as always. Please feel totally free to see my various other auctions. Say thanks to you and have a great day!

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you every American sellers cant invest $3 to send worldwide, so i dont bid on your auctions, sorry....i have actually selled and also allways offer cost-free shipping worldwide, yet now just send come every place except to the US....

I have the right to understand your frustration, however it prices me more than 3 dollars also when i mail within the US. Likewise when I have shipped exterior of the nation before, and also the winner asserted that the package never arrived, the US article office said that castle can't track outside of the country and also I lost every one of the credits and also ended up through a an unfavorable amount the credits that took me a lengthy time to get the credits back. That's the just reason ns am cautious around shipping overseas.

I have actually the same coin and also it is a reat collectors item i actually have a couple of these v the diff presidents and I think lock are good and shipping does not bother me girlfriend gotta make something indigenous them or you loose out exspecially in the civilization today together there room to countless untrustworthy buyers who prefer to say they never acquired there item for this reason I constantly use tracking and charge for shipping and also never ship exterior the us sorry however that just my opinion and as much probs ns have had actually with shipping come other nations to me its simply not worth the hassle....but anywas great coin and also these carry out sell because that upwards of 20 bucks part less however mainly 20 so an excellent deal on the coin...also shared it on facebook so i hope you gain a an excellent credit sale on this

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many thanks - I always offer free shipping also though it is getting more and an ext expensive every time ns ship other - the seems prefer the price go up.