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"Right beside You" is a solitary released by the American singer, Sophie B. Hawkins in fall 1994. It reached number 56 on the united state Billboard hot 100 and number 7 on the Canadian RPM top Singles chart. The peaked in ~ number 41 in Australia in in march 1996 and also became a peak 30 hit in several European countries, consisting of Switzerland, whereby it climbed to number eight. The is additionally Hawkins" highest-charting solitary in the united Kingdom, wherein it got to number 13, one position above "Damn i Wish i Was her Lover". Much more »

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I"m dancing in the shadows of lifeAnd death is all roughly me tonightI miss out on you make love come me rightBeside myself I"m holding girlfriend tightSomeone is wait for me come riseAnd dive into the ocean I criedAnd ns cried and I cry my baby to sleepBeside myself my soul to keepRight alongside you ns seeRight alongside you ns stayRight alongside you I"ll beRight beside you alwaysWe"re dance in the shade of the summer sunThe drums space playingThe change to come was yesterdayIn the warm beside myself I should keepRight next to you ns feelRight alongside you i amRight beside you ns kneelRight alongside you i standRight beside you ns seeRight next to you i stayRight alongside you I"ll beRight beside you alwaysDriving into town through the peak downSun sinking low right into the water I have the right to feel her speedOne hand on the wheel one hand on mine kneeI have the right to tell girlfriend what I desire you can do what you needDarling nights are acquiring cooler in the city for this reason closeThere"s a location we have the right to do the somewhere appropriate along the coastWe"ll arrive on time just a little bit lateIt"s not a issue of format just a lesson in tasteI remember when I was your childYou do me up to be your loverNow I"m was standing right next to youOther people still exsistI don"t pretend to love them less however darlingWhen you journey this means I shed my breathRight alongside you i feelRight next to you ns amRight beside you i kneelRight next to you ns standRight alongside you ns seeRight alongside you ns stayRight next to you I"ll beAlwaysRight alongside you ns feelRight beside you i amRight next to you i kneelRight beside you i standRight beside you ns seeRight next to you i stayRight alongside you I"ll beRight alongside you always

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Sophie B. Hawkins Sophie Ballantine Hawkins (born November 1, 1967) is an American singer, songwriter, musician and also painter.

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Her greatest hits room "Damn ns Wish i Was your Lover", "Right alongside You", and "As i Lay Me Down". Much more »