The faculty of the college works through parents and also students to type a community whose purpose is to develop an atmosphere in i m sorry the spiritual faith of every student and also his/her intellectual, moral, and physical capacities may be developed and strengthened.

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Abp. Alexander K. Sample,Archbishop that Portland​

Studying Canon regulation at the Pontifical college of St. Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum) in Rome native 1994 until 1996. Indigenous 1996 – 2006, father Sample serves the Diocese that Marquette as Chancellor, manager of Ministry and also Priest Personnel, as member the the university of Consultors, and as executive Director the the Bishop Baraga Association. From 1996 – 2006, father Sample servesthe Canonical minister of St. Christopher Parish in Marquette.


Fr. Luan Tran,Pastor​

Fr. Luan to be born in 1963 in the middle of the Vietnam War, in Saigon. After ~ a blatant time there, he pertained to Portland many thanks to Catholic Charities in 1980. He convert to Catholicism and also was baptized and confirmed in ~ the Vietnamese parish ~ above NE Sandy if in high school. Fr. Luan to visit Portland State college majoring in electric Engineering. Graduating in 1987, he started to work as an intern because that the Corps of Engineers. Having actually discerned a feasible vocation come the priesthood, that applied and was embraced by the Archdiocese that Portland in 1988. Dad Abbot Nathan (former pastor here at St. Agatha) to be the development director throughout his time in seminary. His first assignment to be associate minister at St. Mary's in Corvallis.He was reassigned come Cathedral in 1995 as an associate pastor. ~ 4 years, he was appointed pastor of Nativity the the BVM in Rainier in 1999. 3 years later, Archbishop Vlazny sent out him come St frederic in St. Helens in 2002. In 2010 he came to St. Birgitta. He has gone to St. Agatha’s due to the fact that 2018.


Leslie Jones,Principal

Principal Jones is a native of Oklahoma. Native 2016-2020 she was major at spiritual Heart Catholic college in Medford Oregon. Before that, she taught 3rd grade, kindergarten and also pre-kindergarten earlier in OK.

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Principal Jones, she husband Kurt and her young boys love Oregon. She deserve a master's level in educational administration from southerly Nazarene college in Bethany, Oklahoma. She likewise holds a bachelor's degree in at an early stage childhood education from university of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. She firmly believe that gift a Catholic school principal has allowed her to walk closer through God daily.This role is around being a servant leader that permits you to view the human being through the eyes of Christ.